Stripe is hiring a

Global Finance Lead, Europe

Dublin, Ireland

What you do

You are the key financial partner to Stripe's Global Business Leads in Europe. In this capacity, you work with them on strategy, forecasting, budgeting, headcount planning, and anything else needed to hone our resource allocations in Europe. You and your team help lead projects related to pricing, margin targets, and deal structure. You map and track the competitive landscape at a deep product level. You work with Sales Operations on customer segmentation, and help determine what segments Stripe should be targeting, and what product, marketing, and sales investments are needed to acquire and serve these segments. Where applicable you help lead corporate development processes in Europe. You report directly to the CFO.
What success looks like
Stripe's Global Business Leads view you as a close and impactful business and thought partner. They lean on you whenever there are important decisions to be made regarding how Stripe acquires and serves European users. You work with Sales Ops to co-arbitrate our sales targets. You are an impartial voice that ensures our go-to-market strategies in Europe align with our corporate goals.
As much as anyone, you are the soup-to-nuts expert on Stripe's business in Europe. You understand Stripe's relative product strengths and weaknesses by geography and by segment. You know where our product market fit is strong, where it's weak, and in both cases why. Based on careful thought and diligent examination, you are highly opinionated regarding what users we should be going after and how aggressively we should be doing so. You know every number in our European P&L, and you have in you mind a clear stack ranking of which numbers you'd like to move, as well as plots on how to do so.
You have built a small, elite, and highly leveraged team. Your team is well-liked and highly regarded. It models diligence, insightful analysis, productivity, and discipline.
What background and skills you likely have
You are an experienced strategic operator. You have led finance teams and formulated strategy in fast moving, unstructured environments. You have worked with sales teams to define go-to-market strategy and targets, and you have exhibited discipline and objectivity in resource allocation. You are highly analytical and product oriented. You are curious and rigorous in analyzing data. In an ideal scenario, you have an engineering background.