Agoda is hiring a

Graduate DevOps Engineer

Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Thailand

Agoda DevOps are looking for unique people to solve Agoda's unique problems. 

We are packed with world-class talents in a flat organization that is not encumbered by bureaucratic structures. Rapid growing teams are developing features that need to go out at a pace current technology will not be able to handle.

Agoda DevOps are directly responsible in moving features into customer hands impossibly fast, while impossibly safe. We are building systems that give engineers direct feedback of integrated code quality metrics and tests. Hours of verifications has to be executed in a few minutes, deployments needs to be all robots work and monitoring needs to be flawless given of the speed where things will be moving. 

That means our works includes a scalable swarm of docker containers. A whole virtualized environment of Asia's leading booking site in a laptop. An obliteration of conventional processes and establishing automated tools and systems. A robust event queue to track movement of features from developer commits to production. A scalable automated delivery system to support a growing websites, growing customers and growing number of engineers.

That also means writing many tools and inventing a platform which does not currently exists to serve Agoda's development.

Expect not to be commanded what to do. We are looking for individuals who share our vision and values to bring their best in solving these challenges together.



  • Take initiative and own issues. 
  • Takes Agile and incremental value delivery to heart
  • Passionate in automation to support multiple releases a day
  • Excellent communication skills to understand development teams needs and challenges 
  • Work on a small, focused team


  • Experienced in supporting Web application deployment at scale
  • Source control: Git, Mercury
  • CI: Jenkins , Teamcity
  • UI Tests with Selenium
  • Experience with configuration management: Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Powershell
  • Built a monitoring system for DevOps systems