The Hustle is hiring a

Graphic Designer (remote ok)

Austin, United States
About the role
The Hustle has the attention of millions of people everyday through various formats. This role is responsible for creating the visuals that bring our brand to life when we have the attention of our audience. You’ll be creating assets for multiple formats such as our email, website, or paid advertising. This will allow you to work with  every department to ensure our marketing materials, web assets, and email graphics all are consistent and enhance our brand further.

What you'll be doing
- Develop cohesive brand guidelines across our business units
- Design advertisements and landing pages for our Growth Marketing team
- Produce new marketing materials for our sales team
- Enhance existing creative assets across all digital channels
- Collaborate with our Media Strategist to create visual content for our partners
- Produce graphics for our Daily email that reaches more than 1M people everyday
- Assist in the creation of social media content
- Making a large impact on a fast-growing business

Challenges of the Role
- We’re a lean team, prepare to get your hands dirty
- Deadlines are everywhere and you have to honor them
- We work in an agile environment with a positive attitude
- The workload fluctuates. Sometimes you can get everything done in 40 hours, sometimes you can’t
- It’s part of the fun but it’s also a challenge: you will never have the same day twice

Necessary skills & qualifications
- Advanced experience with Adobe Creative Suite (esp. Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects)
- Advanced HTML/CSS knowledge
- Proficient in Wordpress
- Ability to juggle multiple projects in a fast paced, deadline-driven environment
- Excellent listening skills, attention to detail and ability to interpret feedback
- Clear and effective communication skills
- Proficient in direct response marketing and paid advertising strategies
- Ability to take constructive criticism and change direction when needed
- Flexibility to adapt to timeline developments and re-prioritize when needed
- Knowledge / familiarity with business news and research (bonus)
- Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design or similar curriculum, 3+ years of experience

Most importantly, however, we are hiring based on careful balance of relevant experience, cultural fit, and motivation. 

The Hustle has a community of builders who are hellbent on changing the world through business. We support their goals by providing business information, whether it’s the news, research, or insights. 

We have numerous products that our community depends on everyday in business. Some of these include our Daily email with more than 1M subscribers, Trends, our research and insights publication, and Hustle Con, our flagship event.
Interested in creating the graphics that go into our products and marketing? Read on.

About the company
The Hustle provides business information using our straightforward, no BS voice. We take complicated issues and explain them in a way that is smart, actionable, and if we do it right we may even make you laugh.  

The first way we did this was by sending our Daily business email each morning. It’s our job everyday to tell them what news is important and why it matters to them. And, at just over 3 years old, we’re one of the fastest growing news outlets in the country with more than 1M active subscribers.  

The next phase of our company was supporting our community with research and insights. Trends provides builders the analysis of what products they should be building and the insights on how to do it. We’ve built proprietary tools to help us discover the next great opportunity and built a team of analysts to break it down in a way that you understand and can take action.  

It’s our belief that the future Bloombergs, Gartners, and other business information brands of the world (something we want to become) will need a mass community that loves them and products that solve niche problems. We’re on our way to making this a reality.  

Why should you work for us?
This interview with one of our users at our recent Hustle Con conference describes what we do well. 

This article in Nieman Labs describes a little more about us. 

We’re not only creating news that speaks to millions of people in our no-bullshit voice (something so rare these days), we’re changing how information companies operate.  

The nitty gritty
Location: Austin, TX
Type of Employment: Full-time only 

Salary & benefits 
- Competitive pay and equity
- 80% of medical insurance covered and 50% for dependents
- Unlimited Amazon books
- Free access to our events and our world-class speakers
- Ability to make a real impact in our product, culture, and future of the company. 

*Candidates must be legally eligible to work in the United States to be considered for this role