Fictiv is hiring a

Graphics Software Engineer

San Francisco, United States

Engineering at Fictiv

We have an automation driven culture and believe that by leveraging all forms of technology we can enable others to affect change in the world in ways not yet imagined. With a strong bias towards free and open source software, we find and leverage best of breed technologies everywhere we can. We believe in the power of community, and make a concerted effort to contribute back. Engineering for us is a lifelong journey, often more art than pure science, and covered with important milestones along the way, just waiting to be discovered.


Your role as a Graphics Software Engineer at Fictiv is to help build the next level of complex, professional web-based 3D graphical applications. Understanding a digital model from a computational standpoint is what we’ve set out to build and this role is fundamental to that journey. We believe people, bots and robots should all be treated as first class citizens and that by leveraging the unique inherent strengths of each we can achieve the best results.