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Grow in Syngenta Program (GiS)

The Grow in Syngenta Program

Our 'Grow in Syngenta' program is aimed at the highest caliber MBA graduates. These are people with the talent and drive to realize our growth strategy and lead our company into the future. The program will prepare you to take on a key commercial leadership role at one of our global locations after completion.

Over the course of the program, you will work in some of the world’s fastest-growing and competitive markets. From the start, you will be immersed in a range of challenging and stimulating responsibilities. Grow in Syngenta is a six-year program and you will complete three different job rotations of 18 to 24 months each – long enough to grow into the role and make an impact.

  • Undergraduate degree in Science (eg Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology), Agriculture or Economics
  • An MBA
  • 5-8 years of work experience
  • Work experience in Marketing/Sales or in Operations
  • Work experience in a multinational company
  • Fill in the online application form
  • Attach your resume
  • Attach your university diplomas and transcripts with marks/grades (Please attach this as an additional page to your motivation letter)
  • Attach a cover letter
  • Two telephone interviews
  • Attend an online psychometrical assessment
  • Assessment Center (November 8th and 9th)