Eligible is hiring a

Growth Engineer

Brooklyn, United States

Eligible is a healthcare infrastructure company, and our customers rely on us to provide the highest quality services we can offer. It's our goal to be the go-to solution in our class, offering the most painless and responsive possible experience for the decision-makers and developers that use our products and services.

Growth Engineers are tasked with building and refining our UX, docs, and tooling - both internally and externally - to make sure our products are a dream to test, integrate, and use every day in healthcare systems. You'll be working as a generalist, implementing fixes on user-facing apps as well as systems used every day by sales reps, account managers, and other engineers. We promise hard, interesting, and varied problems working alongside a fast-growing cross-skill team, making changes that our clients will use and love.

Join us on-site in Brooklyn, New York, or work with our team remotely!