BuildZoom is hiring a

Growth Manager, Engineering (Data)

San Francisco, United States
BuildZoom is a data company at heart. We ingest vast volumes of construction data to track the work activities of every single license contractor in the United States. On top of this unique data set we deploy algorithms to identify ideal contractors for new projects. As a data engineer, you will work alongside our two founders and VP of Engineering to develop our data pipeline and accelerate BuildZoom's rapid growth.

Our technologies include Python, Ruby on Rails, Redis, Aurora, MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, Elasticsearch, AWS.

On your first day:

  • Meet colleagues and set up your desk with the hardware and peripherals of your choice
  • Deploy code to production
  • One-on-ones with company execs to accelerate your understanding of business challenges and goals

Within three months:

  • Design and implement a data pipeline that connects existing processes and sets the stage for all data processing at Buildzoom
  • Develop metrics and monitoring solutions to evaluate the quality of our ingestion and analytics processes
  • Propose new ways to use data to drive business decisions

Within one year:

  • Develop machine learning algorithms to glean insights from unstructured data
  • Propose strategies to scale data ingestion from thousands to hundreds of thousands of sources
  • Work closely with our Chief Economist to power our statistical models (e.g.,
  • Help grow the data engineering team

Awesome things about this position:

  • As a member of a small team you get to wear many hats. In addition to data wrangling, we could use help with everything ranging from dev-ops to application development to map-making
  • As a core member of a small team, we expect you to understand the business and participate in top-level strategy discussions with the executive team
  • Access to an incredibly rich and unique dataset that provides deep insight into national construction. This trillion dollar industry is often cited in discussions of national economic trends.
  • BuildZoom is a data company.  As a data engineer, you will play a pivotal role in setting, tuning, and executing our core strategy.

BuildZoom is doing incredibly well and growing quickly but much of the most challenging work remains to be done. We have the backing of prominent investors like Y-Combinator, 8VC, and Founder's Fund but it's up to us, the employees, to build this company. If you're serious about doing your life's work and pouring your creativity into solving tangible real world problems for homeowners and contractors, come join us!