SocialCops is hiring a

Growth Marketer

New Delhi, India

No algorithm tells mayors the most optimized allocation of city budgets, no tool tells the ministry how to optimize medicine supply chains based on disease outbreak data, and no data set tells us whether girl toilets in schools are functional or not. Our decision-making platform is used by over 150 organizations in 18 countries – by mayors to decide budget allocations, by philanthropic organizations to decide strategic investments, by governments to decide sanitation interventions, and by nonprofits to decide on disaster relief measures. (Read more about the problems we're trying to solve here:

At SocialCops, we believe that companies grow, products evolve, and organizational structures change. But one thing always remains – the brand. At the heart of every great company is a powerful brand that evokes trust, love, and respect from users and citizens alike. Our digital marketing and growth team is the guardian of our brand. The team takes our work and leverages it to build value for our users, clients, and stakeholders. At the same time, they educate people about our existence. After all, even great products with poor distribution fail.

As a Growth Marketer at SocialCops, you are an evangelist, driving users to our platform. Our Growth Marketing Team is broadly divided into two segments:

- Content is at the core of our growth strategy at SocialCops. You'll find yourself working closely with content writers to create value for our users, who are decision makers across different sectors. You will learn to prioritize content, choose the right keywords, and build value for users in the form of articles, blog posts, slideshares, visualizations, and even ebooks.

- Our Distribution team works to distribute our content and products via relevant organic channels — email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, mailing lists, forums, and paid growth.

As a Growth Marketer, you will become a respected thought leader in the communities you work across – sharing relevant content to those who are in need of better frameworks to make decisions. This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something big and transformative to play a critical and broad role in driving our success.