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Hardware Engineer

Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
At Arrival, our team is creating best-in-class electric vehicles using a radical new method of design and production. We work with some of the world's leading businesses and governments to achieve our goal of redefining mobility and transport ecosystems, transforming how people and goods travel and enhancing urban environments for all communities.

Innovation, rapid development and testing help us to push the boundaries. Our New Method takes our portfolio of patented technologies created in-house, and combines it with assembly in Arrival Microfactories. It’s a groundbreaking approach, leading to products with maximum functionality, peak efficiency, and an elevated experience – at a much more competitive price than other electric vehicles, and even fossil fuel vehicles.


We are looking for Hardware engineer to the power electronics team to develop power supplies, on-board chargers.


  • Development of high voltage converter devices: inverters for PMSM/BLDC motors: from schematic design, PCB trace to debugging.
  • Performing review: circuit design, PCB trace and reliability calculation of developed products.
  • Participation in testing and commissioning.


  • Bachelor's or master's degree in engineering.
  • Knowledge and experience in the development of power, conversion technology.
  • Experience in the development of electrical schematic diagrams and multilayer printed circuit boards from 3 years.
  • Knowledge of digital circuitry from TTL / CMOS / LVTTL to data transmission (SPI, I2C, CAN).
  • Knowledge of analog circuitry (ADC, filters, op amps, transmission lines).
  • Knowledge of power electronics (MOSFET, IGBT, DCDC converter circuitry).
  • Ability to select optimal components.
  • Experience in selecting drivers.
  • Experience in calculating the conductors of printed circuit boards.
  • Experience in calculating the width of conductors and the gaps between conductors.
  • Experience in EMC-based PCB routing.
  • Knowledge of the basic limitations of PCB manufacturing.
  • Knowledge of English for reading technical documentation.

We'd love it if you have

  • Experience in tracing differential lines.
  • Experience in thermal calculations of components.
  • Experience with CAD Altium Designer, SVK Git.

At Arrival we want all of our employees to feel comfortable bringing their passion, creativity and individuality to work. We value all cultures, backgrounds and experiences, as we truly believe that diversity drives innovation. Join our mission to bring better, more sustainable transportation to communities around the world.

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