Fathom Computing is hiring a

Hardware Engineer

Palo Alto, United States


We're working to create smarter, safer, and more useful machine intelligence.

Fathom builds advanced optical technology that replaces electricity in processors with light allowing super-parallel operations. Our brain-scale optical processors will allow us to train vast neural networks with unprecedented performance.



We seeking electrical engineers who deeply understands how to build complex electronic systems. Experience with low volume, high performance, custom prototype work might be particularly helpful. As an early member you’ll have a major role in developing the fundamentals of our production system. You should have a burning desire to build something amazing that's never been built before.   



  • Drive the design and implementation of the electronic aspects of a complex, high-performance, deeply integrated, electro-optical computing system
  • Architect the silicon-based electronics of our production model
  • Bring a deep understanding/inventive capacity related to electrical engineering in general
  • Think ahead and see the big picture, to ensure flexibility for future systems
  • Dealt with power budget, cooling techniques, and influence on packaging
  • Understanding of data transfer rates and related issues
  • Willing to do  analysis, of power, clock distribution with an eye toward system design
  • Writing and reading specifications