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Head of Developer Relations

San Francisco, United States
As Head of Developer Relations at Coil, you will drive the company's strategy for identifying and engaging with developers around the world to help foster experimentation and adoption of Web Monetization, Interledger and Coil. The ideal candidate is passionate about open and privacy preserving technologies, and has deep relationships and experience working with the developer community. The purview for this leader also includes helping Coil build a diverse, global community of Web Monetization and Coil implementers, supporters, and users, focusing on maximizing the value developers - and the users/creators that they build for - receive. 
The developer relations role is technical as well as community-focused. You will work with developers to understand (and document) their needs, concerns and issues; create demos and code examples; write documentation and blog posts; give talks; create videos; build, champion and manage a global developer community; and work with Coil product and engineering teams to define, implement, and improve functionality that is important to developers.


Outreach & Input

  • Raise awareness of Web Monetization, Interledger and Coil to the global developer community, with a focus on web developers and adjacent communities. 
  • Lead and execute the content strategy for Coil’s developer relations  site, including blog/video content.
  • Create demos and code samples/examples.
  • Gather product insights and issues from developers using Web Monetization and Coil, and advocate on their behalf across the Coil product, engineering and R&D teams. 
  • Collaborate with engineering and technical writing teams to ensure Coil/Web Monetization documentation is relevant and optimized for developers.
  • Identify opportunities to web monetize developers/developer sites and do outreach and work to aid implementation.
  • Monitor customer service portal for developer questions/issues; answer relevant questions from developers or Coil team; connect with appropriate people as needed. 
  • Participate in standards groups, communities, and events.
  • Engage with the broader Web Monetization, Interledger and Grant for the Web developer communities on social channels.

Developer Events

  • Evaluate sponsorship requests and create plans for event participation by Coil.
  • Identify speaking/sponsorship opportunities and outreach to organizers.
  • Organize Coil-hosted developer events.

Maintain Coil Developer Website

  • Weekly updates of new resources, platforms and sites.
  • Update/add new developer events with links to relevant videos and content.
  • Update links to Coil and Web Monetization documentation as it evolves.
  • Add new areas and content as strategic and relevant.


  • Support the developer community who are exploring and implementing Web Monetization.
  • Build online and in-person (post-Covid) community spaces for developers.
  • Propose, launch, and manage a program for developers which provides information and perks to those who are promoting Coil/Web Monetization.

Support developers participation in Grant for the Web

  • Serve as a liaison between Coil and Grant for the Web, a collaboration among Coil, Mozilla and Creative Commons.
  • Sync with Grant for the Web team & provide assistance and insights as needed.
  • Work with developer Grant for the Web ambassadors and grantees, as needed.
  • Serve as judge for Grant for the Web calls for proposals.

Other Responsibilities

  • Serve as a liaison to the Mozilla Foundation and Coil supported fellows and as the Coil representative for the Mojaloop Foundation marketing steering committee. 

Desired Background/Skills

  • Formal or informal experience in a developer relations role - you know how to work  with developers, build community, and communicate to a highly technical audience.
  • You have a range of hands-on experience that can include writing technical blog posts and documentation, giving technical talks (in person and online), making videos, creating demos and code examples, managing communities, and providing feedback to engineering teams.
  • You have hands-on experience as a developer, preferably in web development. Experience with Github and JavaScript are a plus. 
  • You are able to understand complex technical issues and distill them into actionable feedback for product & engineering teams.
  • You have built or participated, as a leader, in developer-focused communities and know what it takes to support people using a technology/product. 
  • You are inclusive, collaborative, and supportive.
  • English proficiency, both spoken and written. You do not need to be a native English speaker.

Coil has offices in San Francisco and Cape Town and remote employees and contractors in the US and abroad. This full-time role is located in our San Francisco headquarters, but can be done remotely from anywhere in North America provided that your availability includes Coil’s core business hours of 9 am to 3 pm PT. 

About Coil
Coil was founded in 2018 to build a better business model for the Web. Coil makes it easy for publishers and creators to monetize their content across the internet, and provides an alternative to advertising and site-by-site subscription models. As Coil Members enjoy content, Coil uses a proposed open web standard called Web Monetization to stream micropayments to creators in real time. In 2019, Coil, in collaboration with Mozilla and Creative Commons, launched the $100 million Grant for the Web to boost open, fair and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization. Coil also invested $20 million in Imgur, the community-powered entertainment platform reaching 300 million people each month.

- Platinum health coverage with no premiums for employees and 75% of premiums paid for dependents
- Dental and Vision insurance with no premiums for employees
- 401(k) with matching
- Stock option plan
- Gym / Fitness Studio benefits
- Paid Family Leave
- Flexible Vacation

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