Portify is hiring a

Head of Growth

London, United Kingdom
Role Description

We’re looking for a Head of Growth to join us asap to help 10x our paying customer base in 2021. We are a mission driven company, offering credit enhancement solutions to build our customer's financial standing. 

Our customers are searching for credit enhancement solutions to repair and effectively build their credit histories to future proof their standings against further financial volatility.  

Our mission is more important than ever. The 10M UK non-standard credit market has grown at 4x the speed of the rest of the credit market since the 2008 crisis. C19 will only accelerate this. Solving this problem is key to rebuilding an inclusive financial system in the way of C19.  

Your primary responsibility is to own and lead our product driven growth experiments to scale our subscription fee based credit enhancement product. 

We have laid the foundations for our other BAU channels covering SEO, content, Facebook Audience Network, Google UAC and AdWords. You will have the budget to build a growth team and rapidly scale our paying membership leading up to our series B fundraise in H2 2021. 

More details on metrics, targets, budget and team set up available on application.    


* Build and lead a world class growth team from your network and beyond 
* Run a scientific, lean, product driven growth experimentation process 
* Refine/build our attribution tooling and systems in the way you need to get the job done 
* Involve and engage the rest of our team in the growth experimentation process, building a culture of growth 
* Grow our BAU channels with a hybrid in/out-house team: content, SEO, PR, UAC, Facebook, Adwords 
* Practice our values: worker first, right side of history, high trust, master our craft, and obligation to dissent.  


* An inspirational leader with exceptional communication skills. The ability to motivate team members to go beyond their current best. 
* At least 3 years experience and exceptional traction in a D2C (ideally fintech) growth role. Ideally, your role was skewed towards product driven growth experimentation and SEO/content/PR.  
* Creativity. An understanding that no company will have the same growth strategy, and that rapid and lean experimentation is key. 
* Technical product experience. First-hand experience working with product on the technical or product management side. 
* Hands-on attribution experience. Fluency in tools including Branch, Segment, and Mixpanel. You should be capable of setting up an attribution system that works for you, and know the technical ins and outs. 
* Data fluency. A deep understanding of the power of data-driven decisions, and the discipline to set up data based decisions using attribution and other event tracking tools. 
* High ambition. This role might be a stepping stone for you to start your own company one day. Or you already have. 
* Experience in successfully testing and building brand stories and promises with a D2C audience is a plus. 
* Strong buy-in of our mission and values. 

What does success look like in six months time?

* You've built a world class growth team 
* You've helped us sustain a 30% paying customer MoM growth rate 
* You've found a customer/product driven growth channel that we can scale 
* You've collected sufficient data from all viable channels to produce a believable read on our acquisition costs and unit economics 
* You have a vision for how our channel mix will scale with strong economics over the next 1 and 3 years. 

Salary and Equity
Salary: £80,000 - £110,000
Equity: 0.3% - 1% (plus upside based on performance)