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Head of International Marketing

Mumbai, India

As the Head of International Marketing, you will maximise the revenue of SME’s international repertoire (UK, US, Europe, Africa, Latin, Classical) in India market by creating marketing plans and building opportunities/platforms for global artists and songs to increase awareness, audience/fan base and the reach.  

The role will be responsible for developing and nurturing a thriving fan community for international music artists with a primary objective be to engage and connect with fans across various platforms, fostering a sense of community, and driving fan loyalty.


What you will do:

Drive revenue and optimise marketing spend:

•    Increase the region’s market share in global consumption of international repertoire.
•    Manage audience and consumption goals for international artists and songs in the region.
•    Make strategic spend decisions based on audience insights and data from different platforms.

Fan Engagement and Community Development:

•    Develop and implement strategies to grow and engage a vibrant fan community for international artists.
•    Apply best practices and latest trends in international marketing, including but not limited to the use of digital assets, AI, gaming, social and music platforms and traditional media to create meaningful fan experiences and drive consumption. 

Events and Fan Experiences:

•    Plan and coordinate fan-centric events, both online and offline, such as live streams, virtual meet-ups, fan contests, and exclusive fan experiences.
•    Collaborate with event organizers, partners, and stakeholders to execute successful fan-focused initiatives.

Collaborative Partnerships:

•    Build a creative network in the region with internal teams and external partners, that can help deliver marketing campaigns for international repertoire.
•    To network, connect with and pitch creative and collaborative projects for international artists or songs e.g. collaboration/remix opportunities with local artists; touring/ concerts/ festival opportunities; televised/ media opportunities e.g. award Shows. sports opening ceremonies etc
•    Lead a dynamic, culturally aware, and forward-thinking team that experiments with new technologies and platforms and responds quickly to adapt to new trends and fan preferences

Trend Analysis and Innovation:

•    Stay informed about emerging trends in the music industry, technology, and fan engagement. 


Who you are:

• Demonstrable experience in leading, developing and executing successful multicultural marketing campaigns at a regional scale in a creative industry. 

• Digital Marketing and engagement: Ability to deliver campaigns and experiences, drive consumption and increase engagement through digital platforms

• Fandom Management: Ability to build and grow a community of followers and monetise it through a variety of on-line and off-line channels

• Data Literacy: Ability to analyse the music market and relevant data and apply insights to make decisions to drive / improve results

• Strategic planning: Ability to define a strategy and a set of priorities, develop an execution plan and allocate the resources to different projects to make it happen

• Relationship management: Build trusting and long-lasting relationships with artists and their ecosystem, as well as with external and internal stakeholders; creating a network of connections and building credibility and rapport at all levels of the business

• Cultural awareness: Understand popular culture and the underlying cultural patterns and factors that influence behaviours in different teams and countries

•Interests:  Passion for music and a understanding of various genres and music cultures


What we give you:

• You join an inclusive, collaborative and global community where you have the opportunity to fuel the creative journey

• A modern office environment designed to foster productivity, creativity, and teamwork

• We invest in your professional growth & development


Equal Opportunities

As an active part of a culturally and socially diverse society, Sony Music’s aim is that our workforce is diverse and inclusive. Sony Music is an equal opportunity employer and supports workforce diversity.

We employ, retain, promote and otherwise treat all employees and job applicants according to their merit, qualifications, competence and talent. We apply this policy without regard to any individual’s sex, race, religion, origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, medical condition or disability.

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