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LeSalon is changing the way beauty treatments are booked and delivered. Instead of having to call every salon on the high street to get a time that works for your schedule, we have created an easy to use app where you book vetted, tested and trained therapists, delivering high-quality treatments directly to your home, office or hotel room.

Unlike a booking platform where you take your chances from a range of qualities and prices, LeSalon has standardised the service and fully automated the booking process with our proprietary booking algorithm. LeSalon’s vision is to disrupt the beauty services’ industry by becoming the tech-infrastructure powering the industry's transformation to a digital and on-demand world. Only 4% of beauty treatments are booked online today, and the beauty industry – a £16bn market in the UK, $456Bn worldwide – is expected to reach $750B by 2024 with more than 50% of the revenue coming from on-demand services.

We are looking for an energetic, creative thinker to join our leadership team. You’ll have experience running operations in startups or scale ups, and a passion for digital transformation. You’ll have a strong interest in areas such as wellness, beauty, startups, marketplaces and be socially engaged in topics such as gender equality and promoting diversity. If you’re looking to make a real impact and be a part of our beauty revolution, then you’ll feel right at home at LeSalon.

You’ll be responsible for building and executing the strategic roadmap of the business, setting the goals and driving the delivery across the operations team which includes both our customer and Salonettes (that’s what we call our therapists) success teams.



  • Expertise in start-up strategy and organisational design is essential
  • Proven ability to be a catalyst for change, and able to collaboratively create and implement company strategy to drive business value and growth.
  • Drive the commercial machine forward.
  • Understand the key drivers of a business, and make sure those key levers and KPIs are understood, measured and improved by the teams
  • Own all the metrics and reporting to the leadership team.
  • Expertise in logistics is a strong plus.
  • Proven ability to optimise routing, tracking and ensure marketplace dynamics are optimal to drive growth


  • Define strategy and goals for the operations team together with the leadership team to create high performance, delivery across the business, including goal setting, OKRs
  • Lead, manage and grow an effective operations team that is the engine the rest of the business can rely on.
  • Create processes to improve daily operations, leading by example and being happy to handle daily requests.
  • Organise regular 1-to-1s with your team members, regular personal development chats and creating rituals that ensure smooth business functioning and communications within your team.


  • Putting in place the structures and processes to enable high-growth scale
  • Ensure optimal use of resources within your team to deliver high-quality service on the platform.
  • Optimising logistics on the platform with Salonettes locations, their routes and the services they offer, working closely with tech to improve the allocation algorithm
  • Sharing feedback received on both sides of the platform and working closely with tech to improve UX on our apps.
  • Evolving budgets, models and forecasts, providing input on them in relation to the strategic and operational plan for the company
  • Have a good understanding of numbers and metrics, and be numbers driven in your approach
  • Own the responsibility for the relationships with external service providers (i.e. SAAS tools) ensuring value for money and quality of service

Ideal experience and culture fit:

  • Experience working in a start-up/scale-up tech business
  • Passion for people management and fostering strong team dynamics, experience in managing and leading a team
  • Team player - you get on with people and enjoy working as part of a team. You understand that the team wins together. You know how to voice your frustrations in a constructive way and can understand others’ points of view
  • Smart and resourceful - you think about our challenges and come up with efficient solutions. You can break a problem down into separate parts. Happy to roll up your sleeves and work with the team until you find the solution
  • Curious and ambitious - you love to learn new things and to advance your experience. You are excited to be part of a company that will change massively over the next two years
  • A strong passion for new industry trends, beauty and wellness
  • KPI driven, with an ability to focus on the goal
  • A down to earth, genuine approach, a self-starter and a doer, focused on getting things done


Competitive Salary


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