Skillshare is hiring a

Head of People & Culture

New York, United States

“Find them, grow them, and keep them.” - Google

We held our first team retreat when we could all fit into a 2-bedroom house upstate. We redefined our company core values as a team when Skillshare was 1 year old (and a handful of times since). We just took this class on Hiring for Startups: How to Listen, Sell, and Not Be a D*ck and thought it was brilliant. We regularly ask ourselves these 3 essential questions: 1) what is my job? 2) how do I know if I'm succeeding? 3) how does my work tie into Skillshare's larger vision to create the world’s biggest learning community?

At Skillshare, culture isn't defined by team Friday lunches (although those are great!). It's about being uncompromising when it comes to finding the most excellent, diverse, set of teammates to join our team. It's also about being relentless in making sure they're successful, fulfilled and excited to come to work every day when they get here.

We're thrilled to be looking for a Head of People & Culture who can help us scale this vision as our team grows (and rapidly!). This job has three main components:

1. Hiring: Help us build the team that... builds the team. Recruiting will be a key function of the P&C team. This means building a small team of recruiters while working closely with them to implement a rigorous, core values-infused interview process.

2. Onboarding: Design and implement a thorough onboarding program as the foundation for team-wide satisfaction and success.

3. Retention: How do we retain the world's best? Not for months, for years. We're excited to invest into all things talent development, diversity and fun. The P&C team will run programs aimed at measuring employees' success and keeping them on board.