QuintoAndar is hiring a

Head of Product (Tribe Lead)

São Paulo, Brazil

Technology and design at QuintoAndar

QuintoAndar is a technology company that enables a seamless rental experience from discovery to closing. Through the intensive use of technology and design, we are redesigning the entire rental process, from one end to the other, to allow the kind of customer experience that we wish for ourselves. As a result, we are creating a new business model that is unique in the whole world and that will revolutionize the real estate industry.

Technology and design are core components of our DNA. Our team works very very hard, with cutting edge technology and design practices, to invent web and mobile tools that are first of their kinds.

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QuintoAndar is looking for a senior leader to manage one of our Product Tribes. Our tribes are driven by strategic business goals and count on multidisciplinary squads to deliver delightful high-tech solutions across different products.

The Tribe Lead is a hybrid role. Part individual contributor, and part first level people manager. We expect you to both drive a killer product strategy and also develop A players, empowering QuintoAndar to scale even faster.

At QuintoAndar you will:

  • Work with a top-notch team that uses the best practices and best tools.
  • Learn a lot.
  • Be part of a high-impact project that will affect many people's lives.
  • Have autonomy to make decisions with no endless meetings or bikeshedding.
  • Work in an informal environment and horizontal hierarchy.


❢ If you don’t have at least 5 years of leadership experience, please apply for our Product Management position.

❢ This is a general application for any QuintoAndar’s Head of Product positions. During the hiring process, we will evaluate your background and skills to define the tribe that best fits you as a starting point.

❢ This is a product development position. Please do not apply if you are looking for a 'product marketing' or 'project management' position.

Head of Product (Tribe Lead) responsibilities at QuintoAndar:

  • You'll be responsible for the strategy of a considerable list of products; you'll manage production of a few multidisciplinary product squads, composed by brilliant, highly productive engineers, UX designers and product owners. The efficiency of the tribe will be in your hands.
  • Need to clearly understand each stage on QuintoAndar's service pipeline. How we work, how we respond to (and support) our clients, and what happens in each department. We expect you to question status-quo and helps to prioritize bets from high to low levels.
  • As we are very horizontal, you will be constantly influencing business strategy and product organization. You need to ensure that your tribe’s squads are well organized and dimensioned according to the company’s ambitious goals.
  • You will coordinate the tribe’s OKR planning across multiple squads and stakeholders, ensuring strong alignment with other Head of Products and business partners (data, marketing, operations, finance, people).
  • You will manage other Product Managers in the tribe, being responsible for developing their skills and guiding their careers. You will coach Product Analysts and support the development of senior designers and engineers.
  • You will play an active role in the hiring process for product management positions and other key roles across the organization. You will help us in attracting talents, evaluating candidates and conducting offers in case of direct reports.
  • Make sure every step of your products are correctly tracked, so that you can understand user behavior and enhance product efficiency in the following version. Use analytics tools (Google Analytics, Amplitude, PowerBi, Metabase, Fullstory and others) to get insights on users behavior and translate them into promising features and business opportunities.
  • You should introduce, iterate and spread product management best practices across all teams. Drive rituals to ensure strong integration between squads and team-mates. Coordinate cross-functional efforts to leverage the tribe’s result.


Please only apply if you fulfill these:

  • You have established experience as a Product Manager in a consumer internet company (web or mobile) - a plus if it was in a high profile startup during high-growth stages.
  • Leadership skills: you are used to managing top-notch software development teams.
  • You have relevant experience in prototyping and developing actual digital product.
  • You have a degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or Design; alternatively, you have demonstrated experience in process management.
  • You're a problem solver. You're a handyman. You fix hardware problems, software problems, leaky faucets, stained clothes...
  • You are very analytic and you're tuned into industry benchmarks to solve our clients needs.
  • Design thinking: demonstrated ability to gather user requirements (even when the user does not know about it) and convert them into a compelling product vision.
  • You are used to aggressive launch dates.
  • You are BS-free: we dislike people who pretend to know stuff. Be honest.

We will like you even better if:

  • You have an MBA degree from a world-class school.
  • Your CV includes a couple of years in a very analytical job. We like strategy consultants as product managers, if they have some hands-on experience.
  • You are already leading a high-performing product team.

Language and location

We are a Portuguese speaking company.

This is written in English because 1) we value diversity and would welcome foreign candidates, 2) if you are Brazilian you need to be fluent in English in order to learn the most from the whole world, and 3) We will eventually expand our operations. You know, the rental market is way too complex all over the globe. ;)

Our office is currently in Sao Paulo, at Av Paulista, near 'metrô Paulista'.


Working here is cool AND you get the following:

  • You'll be solving a real problem. Something that affects many millions of families.
  • Competitive salary package.
  • Opportunity to earn stock options.
  • Good health plan and life insurance.
  • Meal allowance ("ticket refeição + ticket alimentação").
  • Fuel allowance or public transportation card.

About our selection process:

It usually takes around 30 days (from your applying to the end) and follows this steps:

1. Application Screening

2. Technical Case

3. Phone interview with Recruiters

4. Case Presentation to our Product Team

5. Interview with our Head of Product and CTO + Reference Check

6. Offer

Important: Our recruitment process starts at the application form! If you really wish be a part of our team, endeavor to do well at this stage of the process. We analyze all the candidates individually. Yes, we do read all applications and we’ll reply even to those who won't follow the process.

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