First Look Media is hiring a

Head of Production

New York, United States

The Position:

The Head of Production is responsible for overseeing all physical production needs for all First Look Media content, including film, television, documentary, and short form digital programming. This role will partner with the Content team and third party producers to develop and vet production plans, including budgets, schedules and overall approach to physical production.

The Head of Production will oversee staff to assist in the staffing of projects, and those responsible for the physical delivery of projects to FLM and distributors. He or she will act as liaison between First Look Media and its outside partners in all matters related to physical production. 

In the initial stage, the Head of Production will build the production capability at FLM, including the creation of all production management systems and reporting, the design and building of any post production facility, as well as the design, hiring and management of the Production staff.

Comprehensive working knowledge of film and television industry agreements, guild and union regulations (WGA, DGA and SAG-AFTRA) is required. Complete understanding of production and post-production budgets is a must. Extensive relationships within the production community and beyond is required. Excellent communication (written and verbal), interpersonal, organizational and computer skills are also necessary skills.


  • Work with producers and FLM Production Management to create and/or vet production schedules and budgets.
  • Assist in the staffing of productions.
  • Liaise with FLM Business Affair regarding the negotiation of BTL union deals.
  • Oversee all productions for FLM, to ensure that productions are on-schedule and on-budget, and identify potential problem areas as early as possible.
  • Manage FLM Post Production staff to ensure delivery timely delivery according to all delivery specifications.
  • Identify production facilities for projects in development and pre-production.
  • Work with FLM finance and Business Affair to determine appropriate levels of insurance coverage and ensure that all productions are complying with these requirements.
  • Establish a strong roster of vendor and staff/crew relationships for a broad range of productions.
  • Develop best practices from pre-production through delivery.
  • Create production guidelines/handbook.

Background & Qualifications

  • 10+ years of experience in line producing or production management across various platforms including film, television and digital content. 
  • Relevant production team management experience with a major studio, television network or production company.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to operate with significant autonomy and discretion.
  • Ability to prioritize in complex, fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to effectively and efficiently create budgets and schedules for feature film, television, podcasts, and various digital formats. 
  • Ability to manage multiple, complex projects that are global in nature under extremely tight deadlines.
  • Start-up experience strongly preferred, in particular crafting and creating an internal production management department.
  • Working knowledge of post-production process useful, hands-on post experience beneficial, but not required.
  • Experience with production management and tracking software tools and databases.
  • Experience in generating production reports and schedules.
  • Strong cost reporting skills and ability to constantly estimate completion costs throughout a project.
  • Strong skills to react to changes in story and production - particularly in your more journalistic and documentary programming. 
  • Ability to go hands on as that may very well be needed in early stages or busy times or everyday.

The Company:

First Look Media is a new-model company devoted to supporting independent voices, from fearless investigative journalism and documentary filmmaking to smart, provocative entertainment. Launched in 2013 by eBay founder and philanthropist Pierre Omidyar, First Look Media was created with the belief that independent perspectives are vital to both a vibrant culture and a thriving democracy.

First Look operates as both a studio and digital media company. As a studio, we develop, produce and finance content for all screens and platforms including feature films, television, digital series and podcasts. As a media company, we are finding new ways to connect compelling independent creators with passionate audiences through our own properties and on media platforms of our partners.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer--people of color, people with disabilities, women, and LGBT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply; we are committed to a diverse workplace, and to supporting our staff with ongoing career development opportunities. Informing a large, diverse audience is a core principal of our work, so we’re committed to building a team that reflects that diversity.