Demiurge Technologies AG is hiring a

Healthcare Fund Manager / Hedge Fund

Austin, United States
Goal: You’ll be part of a contrarian team who are focusing on building the new benchmark performance record of healthcare investment that can hardly be exceeded over the next 5 years.

Your Role

  • Construct and manage a dynamic healthcare portfolio of long/short equity & options instruments with a focus on ultra-high-alpha return
  • Responsible for own P&L
  • Automate the trading strategies by means of relative value, machine learning, pattern recognition and others
  • Communicate trading decisions to the Portfolio Management Team
  • Constantly improve the trading algo by daily after-market reflection, back-testing, performance monitoring
  • Select credible investors for capital allocation
  • Manage risk and detailed knowledge of all risk procedures
  • Update trading notes on a daily basis in keeping with the investment and compliance process requirements

Ideal Candidate will be

  • 3+ years experience of running US$ 100m+ AUM, generating average of 15+ % IRR in a leading hedge fund, investment bank or proprietary trading firm. 

Preferred personal qualities

  • First-principles-based thinking
  • Relentless objectivity and candor in the pursuit of excellence
  • Extraordinary composure and integrity in face of dire condition
  • Resilience and fearlessness working outside your comfort zone

PLEASE NOTE: All applications must contain a cover letter and complete job histories, which includes job title, dates of employment, name of employer, and a description of duties performed. If this information is not submitted, your application may be deprioritzed because it is incomplete. Resumes do not take the place of this required information.