BuzzFeed is hiring a

High-Risk Advisor

We are looking for a High-Risk Advisor to join us on a full time permanent basis in our Buzzfeed Office in London.

The High-Risk Advisor (HRA) provides remote security advisory to the BuzzFeed News team worldwide. Responsibilities include – but are not limited to – developing tailored risk mitigation strategies, security training, crafting risk assessments, overseeing high-risk assignments, and crisis management as necessary. The HRA will develop and maintain an international professional network to facilitate highly localized risk analyses and crisis response.Frequent travel is integral to the role for the purpose of visiting BuzzFeed offices, reporters and maintaining professional networks. Still, administrative tasks and the security oversight of the BuzzFeed news gathering mission must be maintained 24/7.

The HRA’s formal supervisor is the Editor-in-Chief of BuzzFeed News. In practice, the HRA serves as deputy to the Directory of Global Security (DGS). The DGS will assign additional tasks and responsibilities to the HRA. These tasks can include risk advisory for global offices, developing corporate policies and protocols, liaising with third-party security providers, and any other tasks necessary to facilitate a dynamic and professional security apparatus within BuzzFeed worldwide.

Key responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Develop risk mitigation strategies specific to risks incurred both by the nature of the story as well as its environment
  • Provide oversight on reporter activities in high-risk assignments to ensure security protocols are met
  • Manage high-risk insurance portfolio
  • Ensure appropriate training for BuzzFeed news staff and contractors, including hostile environment training, digital security, online harassment, medical and crisis management
  • Provide appropriate security equipment to staff and contractors, and instruct in equipment use and maintenance
  • Write risk assessments of high-risk assignments for news managers and reporters
  • Maintain documentation necessary to assist BF in a crisis, including: contact sheets, security detail sheets, security policies and protocols
  • Oversee “Antares” tracking team for 24/7 oversight of reporters on high-risk assignments
  • Develop professional networks worldwide to assist in risk analysis and emergency response
  • Manage corporate relationships with third-party providers, including insurance, satellite phone services, crisis response teams and physical security providers
  • Provide risk consultancy to editors and reporters as requested

Key Skills Include:

  • Proven crisis management experience
  • 5 years operational experience working in MENA
  • Strong analytical capabilities
  • Familiarity with current digital security best practices including persistent and non persistent encrypted communication

Salary- from £90k

Closing date for applications will be- 19th August 2016