Ginkgo Bioworks is hiring a

High-Throughput Microbial Engineer

Boston, United States

Ginkgo is building an industrialized foundry for organism engineering. Our first foundry, Bioworks1, launched in Spring 2015. We designed Bioworks1 to be a single foundry capable of delivering many organisms to customers in many markets. Already, we're using Bioworks1 to concurrently develop 10+ organisms across multiple species and products. At the heart of Bioworks1 is high throughput genetic engineering across multiple species. Our approaches are designed to scale 100-1000X via software and automation.

We are seeking genetic engineers to improve and scale our existing technologies in Biowork1 and define and develop the next set of genetic technologies that will lie at the center of Bioworks2. The ideal candidate has led the development of a high-throughput biological process from development, validation through to successful operation at scale, most likely for DNA synthesis or sequencing. A demonstrated ability to evolve a process in response to changing technology and demands is essential. Experience in a mixed team of software developers, process engineers, and biologists is important.