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Human Resources and Accounting Manager

Tokyo, Japan
Meero’s core mission is to empower photographers to focus on what they love: photography! We take care of the rest by relying on tech and AI.

Started in 2016, Meero is on a mission to make life easier for photographers and customers alike by bringing the top-name brands directly to image creators all the while expediting all of the tedious work. From its state-of-the-art image editing technology to our teams positioned around the world, Meero is helping creators do what they do best: create.

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Meero is currently looking for someone to support our rapidly growing company by
performing general human resource duties such as recruiting, performance management and
culture development, as well as accounting duties.


【Human Resources】
- General HR duties in the Japan office in cooperation with the HR department at the head
- Preparation of employment contract documents and handbooks for new hires
- General communication with outsourced labor and recruiting agencies, and management
of employment contracts to ensure legal compliance.
- Screening candidates and developing recruitment campaigns
- Brand awareness activities via Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

- Maintain weekly cash reports and update AGICAP, the headquarters reporting tool
- Edit ticketed invoices on the platform (clients and photographers) and close and send
invoices to clients (support automation)
- Coordination and contact point with sales team and tax accountant (outside vendor) at
monthly close
- Manage invoices requiring payment and request tax accountant


- Experience in all aspects of human resources, preferably in a start-up environment
- Experience in recruiting and culture development
- High level of English proficiency to communicate with the HR department at the head
- Accounting experience is plus
- Strong communication skills both speaking and writing


- Interview with Japan Country GM
- to face meeting with Japan Country GM and other function managers
- Interview with the VP Sales (based in Paris)
- Interview with the Talent Acquisition Manager (based in Paris)
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- 本社の人事部と協力しながら、日本オフィスでの人事業務全般
- 雇用契約書類や新規採用者に対しての手引書などの準備
- 業務委託先の社労士や人材紹介会社とのやり取り全般、雇用契約が法律遵守しているかの管理
- 候補者のスクリーニングと採用キャンペーンの展開
- LinkedinやTwitter等でのブランド認知活動


- 週次キャッシュレポートの管理および本社レポートツールAGICAPの更新
- プラットフォーム上でのチケット制の請求書編集(クライアントおよびフォトグラファー)および請求書の締めと
- 月次締めでの、営業チームおよび税理士(外部ベンダー)とのコーディネーション・問い合わせ窓口
- プラットフォーム上でのバグや変更の際のバグレポート
- 支払いが必要な請求書の管理と税理士への依頼




- 日本法人GMとビデオ面接
- 日本法人GM、および各部門メンバー面接
- 本社 セールスVPとのビデオ面接
- 本社 採用責任者とビデオ面接


Dream big and do bigger - Dreaming big is step one, but we don’t stop there. By realizing our ideas at
a global scale, we can transform the industry with new tools, processes, and opportunities. 
Make work play - Work should never be boring. Bold ideas and big laughs make everyday exciting, so we never get complacent. We are a family that loves each other, pushes each other, and laughs with each other. 
Champion creators - Creatives are the architects of our visual world. We work tirelessly to support their skills and business, so they can feel inspired to create.
Rise faster than you fail - We celebrate resilience in the face of failure. We truly support one other, so we’re free to fall, but quick to get up and try again. 
Give a shit - Success doesn’t happen by accident. We work with focus, determination, and pride towards our goals. We care deeply about each other, our clients, creatives, and our impact on the world. 
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