Kroo is hiring an

iNED, Chair of Risk

London, United Kingdom

We are building the first digital bank for friends - a bank that will intuitively connect your personal finances and all the people you interact with, making money as social as your life. We will offer personal and micro-enterprise current accounts, savings and consumer loans.

Kroo is a FinTech company established in 2016, whose mission is to create a transformative banking experience that allows people to collaborate with their friends, families and communities in a natural and seamless way – making money move at the pace of life. For example, it will make it easy for flat sharers to keep track of who has paid for what or to keep track of money on a holiday with friends.

We are an interdisciplinary team of 35 experienced technology, banking, customer experience, marketing and legal professionals with an office and Holborn but fully flexible to work remotely. We share a passion for the company’s mission and believe in a collaborative approach to creating a social bank. We are building a diverse team of inquisitive people who want to understand customer needs and behaviour so we can develop innovative products that change people’s lives. So far we have raised £15m of funding, including £2.7m from the Future Fund government initiative to support start-ups.

Kroo has submitted its application for a banking licence and is now building its board in preparation for receiving authorisation as a bank in early 2021. The board will consist of an independent Chairperson, three other independent non-executive directors, a non-independent non-executive director to represent investors, the Chief Executive and the Chief Financial Officer. A Chairperson and one independent non-executive director have already been selected subject to regulatory approval.

We are now seeking a further independent non-executive director.