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Infobip Virtual Classroom 2.0: Boost your Bip potential


Our Infobip Virtual Classroom program allows students to gain industry knowledge and practical tips from our field experts. And this time we are all about interdisciplinarity inside Infobip! If you thought that you only need engineers to get a unicorn status - think again! It really does take a village and many, many experts in different fields. We will show you just how every piece of the puzzle fits together to create one big Infobip picture. So, whether you prefer engineering topics, want to learn about our business, or just want to get some professional development skills, Infobip has a virtual place for you!

Besides gaining valuable IT industry knowledge, by listening to our IT and business experts you will gain an understanding of how Infobip as a global IT telecommunications company is very much a mixture of engineering and business enablement departments, how they work together, intertwine and correlate in everyday business.  

Our industry experts will provide you with an overview of roles and job positions that you might not have even known that exist in a company like ours! And besides all that, you will also have the chance to hear valuable tips & tricks that will help you prepare for future career challenges.

What are the prerequisites?  

  • You are an undergraduate or graduate student of engineering/IT-related or social sciences field in Croatia or Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • You have some free time throughout November and December to attend our classes

  •  You are a highly motivated self-starter, who is hungry for practical knowledge

  • You can pay attention up to 120 minutes because that is the most minutes we will steal with our classes in a day

What's in it for you?  

  • Acquiring industry knowledge and skills from our in-house experts
  • Getting valuable tips and tricks for your future career development
  • Receiving special Infobip KUDOS TO YOU certificate after completing the courses 

OKAY! So, what's the catch? The only thing you need to do now is TO APPLY for the program with your resumeBy the 4th of November, you will receive the information about getting accepted to the program with an additional summary of each class and you can choose the classes you would like to attend, based on your interest and availability.

Here is a little sneak peek of our classes and workshops you can choose from our virtual catalog:
9.11. Big picture of Infobip  
11.11. How to land a job through LinkedIn and Social Selling
12.11. Becoming a Presentation Master 
13.11. Find the right place to kick-off your career: is it really all TECH in IT companies? 

16.11. Employee journey with Finance and People Operations 
17.11. Doing Mathematical Operations on Textual Data: From Bag of Words to Word Embeddings 
20.11. How big is Cyber Security?

23.11. Patterns and conventions in Enterprise-grade software systems 
26.11. You think you know everything about binary search!?
26.11. Web development beyond HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - what can you achieve with it? 
27.11. Untestable code

30.11. DevDays: Creating a digital campaign for an event
2.12. How can customer-facing positions make an impact in an all-tech companies? 
4.12. How to survive your job interview?

And don't worry, you don't have to sharpen your English skills, all our classes and workshops will be in the local language :)  

There are limited places available so be fast and save your spot by November 1st!