InMotion is hiring an

Innovation Leader

London, United Kingdom

What we’re looking for

We are hiring an Innovation Leader to deliver idea flow into the Lab, managing the ideation process and front-end innovation projects to develop a strong pipeline of new service ideas that solve customer problems and exploit new market opportunities

Working in the Lab, your role starts and ends with the customer; understanding their needs, problems and market friction in mobility and personal transportation. Managing the front end innovation process, you will develop a portfolio of mobility service ideas that solve real customer problems, to improve their quality of life and how they move around. This way you can create real value to existing Jaguar and Land Rover customers, as well as entirely new audiences.

You will start by scouting, understanding and gathering deep customer insight. As such you are accountable for understanding consumer, market and transportation trends, as well as the broader cultural, technological, digital and competitive environment, and feeding this into the innovation process. You will lead our open innovation activities to engage and build ideas with customers, often in partnership with internal and external stakeholders. This is the primary source for generating and validating ideas.

You will work collaboratively with the InMotion team and across the JLR business to understand the customer, source insights and develop new mobility service ideas. This includes close cooperation with the Portland Electrical Incubator, the InControl and Connected Car teams and our Advanced Research division. To generate new ideas you will use Design Thinking and other appropriate methods to understand and solve for their mobility problems.

What the role will have to deliver

Engage cross-functional teams of specialists to develop new ideas
- Manage idea flow into the Lab through internal and external collaboration
- Deploy ideation methods inc. open innovation, design thinking, workshops etc.
- Conduct workshops with JLR divisions, NSCs and external partners

Manage the innovation pipeline, from insight to ideas
- Develop and maintain the hopper of mobility service ideas
- Build a strong pipeline of successful future facing innovation ideas
- Work in close collaboration with Portland, Advanced Electrical, Research, InControl and eMobility
- Evaluate their ideas and solutions and feed them into the hopper

Build the front end innovation process and operations
- Scout and insight gather to identify customer problems, trends and behaviour
- Develop the open innovation process and platform to connect with customers
- Collaborate with public and private partners, create networks as appropriate
- Identify new sources of idea flow, integrate learnings from across InMotion

Manage the flow and prioritisation in the idea funnel
- Develop ideas into very early stage concepts and creatively bring them to life
- Prioritise the most promising ideas apply against investment thesis
- Develop priority ideas into base concepts ready for the Product Leaders to investigate
- Produce supporting material and stimulus for priority services

Effectively communicate insights, recommendations, and strategies
- Build compelling narratives and stories around the ideas you generate
- Share and co-build on ideas to mature the concept further
- Pitch concepts to teams through regular communication, idea events etc.
- Showcase development of ideas

Develop a positive and inclusive innovation culture within InMotion and across JLR
- Build strong business relationships and partnerships with all stakeholders (industry, academic, public etc)
- Support business development activities, bring new thinking, methods, tools and approaches
- Provide expert consulting for on-boarding and up-skilling