MediaMonks is hiring an

iOS Developer

Hilversum, Netherlands

MediaMonks is in the market for a native iOS developer to join our award-winning production team in Hilversum. Alongside other iOS and Android developers, you are responsible for building and maintaining multifarious apps that offer a multitude of functionalities: from philanthropic food-sharing to voice-activated petitioning.

The role requires you to be up to date with the latest developments in iOS, as well as to be capable of supporting older version. You’ll need to know how to work with ARC, auto layouts and CocoaPods, and experience with multithreading is a must-have too. If you’re also interested in programming with Swift, we consider that a big plus.

Working at MediaMonks is arguably as awesome as the first time you used Touch ID. Our office is easy to get to and our Monks easygoing. Lunch time is epic meal time and Easter means madness. The coffee is OK but limitless. If you’re keen to make mobile magic happen at the most-awarded company for mobile productions by the FWA, you should send us your best application so far.