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iOS Reverse Engineer


The iOS Reverse Engineer's position is focused on the porting and maintenance of virtual iOS devices on our proprietary hypervisor. The role of our iOS Engineers encompasses a broad range of development processes writing a specification from requirements, participating in specification reviews, providing estimates, writing the code, performing unit tests, performing code reviews of other developers’ code, and working with testers.


  • Conduct Code implementation, code reviews, debug, develop, and test of virtual iOS devices
  • Work on custom peripherals or drivers
  • Create and write high quality code; create and maintain working software
  • Tune code for optimal resource utilization, reliability, performance and energy efficiency
  • Architect and design new code
  • Write and execute test cases based on templates and best practices
  • Ensure that the latest versions of iOS are ported to work on our hypervisor
  • Work with members of our hardware modeling team to ensure iOS-related hypervisor code works correctly
  • Maintain and implement automated test environment and regression tests
  • Collaborate with Product Managers, Development teams, Engineers and stakeholders to develop a strong understanding of the product requirements and product roadmaps
  • Evaluate and validate embedded design alternatives to create optimum system designs
  • Work closely with verification and validation (QA) team to ensure full test coverage, and quick closure of reported firmware defects
  • Develop scalable solutions that adhere to performance specifications and align with customer needs
  • Familiarity in technical writing and documentation


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering/Computer science or equivalent experience 
  • Deep understanding of iOS architecture, system frameworks, and services
  • Strong iOS reverse engineering skills
  • Knowledge of ARMv7/ARMv8 (aarch32/64) instruction set
  • Proficient in C, Objective-C (Swift, C++ are desirable)
  • Experience with reverse engineering tools like IDA, Ghidra, Binary Ninja
  • Expertise in iOS debugging tools and techniques, crash report and panic log analysis
  • Familiarity with iOS SDK, IPC, IOKit (tweaks development is a plus)
  • Ability to use LLDB, GDB, Frida
  • Knowledge of at least one script programming language (shell, python, etc.)
  • Experience with software version control using Git

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