Schibsted is hiring an

iOS Software Engineer

Oslo, Norway
A unique opportunity

We’re reinventing ourselves. We’re completely rethinking our publishing products and global components in order to better engage with our users and provide amazing experiences across different Schibsted applications and across any device. We have access to the biggest and best brands in publishing in Scandinavia, a dynamic user base that numbers in the millions, and the freedom to break away from any and all technical legacy. There’s a blank page in front of us. We want you to come help us fill it.

We’re seeking brilliant iOS engineers to join our team in Oslo to work on our next generation publishing products and global components.

About Schibsted

Schibsted Media Group is an international media group with 6800 employees in 31 countries. From Mexico to Malaysia, from Brazil to Norway – millions of people interact with Schibsted companies every day. We ensure that new and old sofas can be sold. News reports are read and watched when, where and how consumers want. Weather reports are checked with quick online services. Carpenters are found through a couple of clicks. Prices are compared and the latest fashion is browsed. These examples are just some of the ways our services empower people all around the world in their daily lives.Schibsted Products & Technology is a brand new technology start-up within Schibsted, with offices in London, Stockholm, Barcelona and Oslo. Our philosophy is built on keeping an open mind, challenging ourselves and the status quo. The goal is to shape the future of our industry. To achieve this we recruit attitude in addition to technical skills.

In terms of way of working, we have full freedom. We use best-of-breed products like GitHub, Slack and AWS and have access to whatever hardware is needed to get the job done. The expectations for what we’re trying to deliver are extremely high, and we’re able to pick the best tools for the job to deliver on those expectations.

About next generation publishing

With the immense success Schibsted brands like VG and Aftenposten have, it would be very easy to sit back and be complacent. Instead, the next generation publishing team is taking a step back and completely reimagining what a publishing product could be. We’re disrupting ourselves in order to deliver the best possible experience of consuming news to our users.

The goal is to make every user feel like they’ve got their own personal editor - an editor that curates the news just for you and helps you gain access to the news that’s most personally relevant. We’re building a platform to combine the best of human editorial teams and machine learning to deliver the right news to you at the right time in the right format, whether that be text, video or audio.

About identity and global components

The future of Schibsted products is all about personalizing the experiences for our users. We want to make it feel like every one of our products was made just for you and that you can move between our different applications seamlessly and effortlessly.

To make this vision a reality, we’re reimagining our portfolio of identity products. We’re thinking mobile-first, concentrating on providing an amazing user experience on native applications. We want to enable our users to sign up, sign in, move between applications and even devices in the most natural way possible. We want users to be able to jump from an article on VG to a related story from Aftenposten or a posting from without worrying about the fact that they’re changing applications. We want users to move from their iPhone to their Apple TV to keep consuming the same news story without skipping a beat. And most of all, we want to do all of this while making the user’s privacy our highest priority.

Identity is the start of that vision, but we’ll also be building a whole suite of global components that Schibsted brands all over the world will be able to leverage.

We’re looking for brilliant, ambitious iOS developers who want to do more than churn out the same boring application over and over again. See if this sounds a bit like you: