Callsign is hiring an

IT Project Manager - UAE

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Since our launch in 2012, we’ve been on a mission: to make digital identification simple and secure for everyone, and everything.

In that time, we’ve expanded constantly, and been joined by over 150 incredible people, all with the same vision. We’ve grown in other ways too – we raised $35 in our Series A funding round, and launched our game-changing authentication platform.

Our technology is now being used by hundreds and thousands of users worldwide, including some of the world’s leading financial institutions.

And this is just the beginning.

Over the next year, Callsign will double in size as we continue our mission to make every web, mobile and physical interaction seamless and secure.

We can’t do that alone, though. That’s why we’re looking hire the brightest, most inquisitive minds out there: the people who want to help us change the rules of identity ­– and have the skills and passion to make this mission a reality.

Does that sound like you? Let’s talk.

Role Description

The Callsign Project Manager will support delivery of Callsign solutions into clients. This will be to ensure successful and timely delivery of products into the client organisation, stakeholder management of client contacts, and support Callsign to deepen its relationship and expand its footprint with clients.

The role holder will need to demonstrate IT/software delivery capabilities and bring experience of handling clients of different levels. They will typically be required to be on-site at the client (notwithstanding the COVID-19 situation) working alongside other Callsign team members, as well as working amongst virtual teams. The role will require the ability to be adaptable to changing environments, different personalities and evolving client requirements. The role holder will also need to be comfortable with all aspects of project delivery (e.g. RAID management, delivery planning, action tracking, change management, meeting governance/minuting, reporting etc.) as well as regular engagement with clients to ensure delivery commitments are well understood and kept on track. Additionally, relationships will need to be built within Callsign (e.g. with Delivery and Product teams) to understand the current product suite, challenges to delivery, service offerings and the future product/service roadmap.

The role holder must have an understanding of the typical challenges that arise during IT delivery projects in order to hold meaningful conversations with clients. They must also be familiar with the IT delivery lifecycle (e.g. route to live, environments usage, release management etc.). A recognition of the correct point at which to obtain further support and/or introduce technical colleagues into conversations will be vital to the success of the role. The role holder will be expected to work well as part of a team, but also be comfortable with engaging clients on an individual basis.

The role holder must be highly organised, have excellent attention to detail and be always willing to take responsibility for seeing items through to conclusion (even if they may be unfamiliar, or new). They will need to be a self-starter, eager to learn and comfortable working within unstructured environments (in order to introduce structure as required).