Workable is hiring a

Javascript Developer

Athens, Greece

Workable is a product-driven software company. With thousands of enterprise users and millions in venture funding, we're building the best recruiting software in the world. A frictionless, usable, robust and highly scalable product that helps companies find and meet great people. The quality, design and usability of our software is what sets us apart from the competition. It's good to be an engineer in a company that values good engineering above all.

If you like working in a product oriented mindset and at the same time want to get your hands dirty with some of the latest goodies like ES6 and the whole new breed of browser APIs, then we want to talk to you.

This is an opportunity to join a world-class software company and a great team that passionately believes in what it does. You'll participate in product design, enrich our team with expert knowledge and help us improve our product by developing exciting new features and an impressive UI.

  • You will work on both the desktop and mobile front-end of Workable, on a Rails -> Backbone -> Marionette stack. However, keep in mind we're not married to any framework.
  • You'll organize your code with NodeJS modules using Browserify and you may worry about your Mocha/Chai/Sinon test suite taking too long (we're kidding its really fast) rather than worry that it's non-existent.
  • You' ll have the chance to profile every aspect of your code, both Javascript and CSS, in order to achieve smooth framerates.
  • When modelling an application on the client, a whole new kind of problems arise and properly depicting the problem domain inside the browser is no trivial task. That's why we'll need you to employ old patterns like pub-sub and discover new ones like reactive programming and the virtual DOM.
  • Moreover, we believe in HTML5 in the mobile world and we want you to help us employ all tools available to achieve great performance and UX (i.e. offline storage, application cache, serviceworkers).
  • Oh, and if you're into web technologies and the new web ecosystem, but have experience with other frameworks, please do apply. We value quality engineers not the tools they've used.