Socialbakers is hiring a

Javascript/React Developer for the Burger Team

Pilsen, Czechia

Social Media is always changing, and the way we interact with it evolves almost every day. At Socialbakers, we work together to create tools that make working with Social media easier and more effective.

We - the developers of the Burger team - work together to empower our users to effortlessly publish their posts, media, and ideas across social media. We work in an agile environment and are focused on writing good code, delivering value, and having fun. Your work will focus on front-end features, though the contribution to the back-end codebase is also welcome. We will gladly help with learning how back-end technologies work in case you are not familiar with them.

We value trust, cooperation, and working together to always improve how we work and what we work on. We love burgers (including vegan ones!) and enjoy game nights, internal workshops, and way too many laughs during meetings.

Tools you'll work with the most: 

  • Javascript including asynchronous JS patterns
  • React (preferably knowledge of hooks) / Redux
  • CSS preprocessors
  • Browser dev tools

Your day to day will include: 

  • Working in a diverse, international team in English
  • Reviewing code clearly and honestly 
  • Planning your development time independently - we believe you should work when you’re most effective
  • Expressing your opinions clearly and kindly to the team and the PO
  • Separating emotions from work - we’re all in this together
  • Digging into issues and coming up with solutions (or good questions)
  • Thinking about how the actual user will use what you build
  • Debugging code you encounter

Bonus points for

Familiarity with one (or more) of these:

  • Object-Oriented programming (MVC pattern)
  • Sagas / React.Query (separation of concerns - frontend and business logic)
  • Restful patterns (APIs)
  • ElasticSearch (ELK)
  • SQL and document-based databases (eg. MongoDb)
  • Google Closure components
  • RabbitMQ
  • Websockets
  • Test library (Tomato, Cucumber,Jest, Jasmine…)

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