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Jr IT Support at MediaMonks BA

Buenos Aires, Argentina

With more and more Monks and workstations, our Buenos Aires IT department could use some local support at our Palermo offices. Each of our global production hubs has a dedicated IT team.

For this junior-level role, we’re not looking for a director but for a doer: a hands-on employee who hustles and helps in equal measure to keep our Monks and Machines up and running.

Role & Responsibilities

  • As an IT Monk at MediaMonks, you’re responsible for installing and configuring all computer hardware, software, networking systems and printers across our three BA offices, repairing and replacing equipment as necessary.
  • Handling incoming issues and requests from our BA Monks, you’ll provide first-line support for troubleshooting, and set up new colleagues in a flash, in any of our three Palermo offices.
  • You contribute to making sure that your 1,000 colleagues across 14 international offices can collaborate to craft cool stuff for the leading agencies and brands.
  • Your responsibilities as an administrator include managing user accounts and looking after our printer network (even digital production can’t do without toner and paper).
  • Last but not least, you’re responsible for managing, monitoring and reporting on all security processes and policies relating to our special (secret) project rooms to ensure we’re in compliance.

Come Support Our Support Team

At MediaMonks, not one day is the same. You’ll be part of an international company filled with great people that is constantly moving. MediaMonks currently operates across teams and time zones with a 1,000 Monks, and we'll expect to keep growing exceptionally, meaning there’s always new stuff happening on the IT front. There will be a lot of freedom to develop both yourself and our company: if you see something that can be improved, you’ll probably also get credit for being the one who fixed it.

In addition to a range of responsibilities, this job comes with a number of extracurricular events to tide you over, including MediaMonks BA’s meetups. You’ll be surrounded by the nicest and most talented people in the industry, working and playing hard to be the best production partner in any field and market. Beyond benefits like a healthcare package, you’ll get to be part of an informal, successful and super-fast-moving company creative people would kill to work for.


  • For this junior-level role, we’re looking for what they used to call a whizkid: someone who is keen and eager to look after our IT in BA.
  • You’re fluent in English and IT lingo.
  • As an all-round troubleshooter, you can support Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • You can provide application support for all kinds of software packages and are all too familiar with plugins, patches and drivers.
  • As a true IT support employee, you have the inexplicable capacity to fix problems simply by looking at the allegedly malfunctioning device.
  • Next to the Magic Restart, you know how to solve more complex oddities in the workings and settings of networks and applications.
  • Setting up new workstations is hardly work for you: you always think ahead so that new Monks have everything they need to get started, even if it wasn’t part of the to-do list.
  • Constantly exploring new IT territories, you’re so eager to learn on the job we don’t even have to tell you.


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