Noxx is hiring a

Jr. Marketer (Intern OK)

San Francisco, United States

We're hiring a Jr. Marketer at Noxx.

We believe everyone deserves the right to work with pseudonymity, free from bias and discrimination. (tweet)

You will be joining our team and shaping Noxx together to empower the pseudonymous future of work.

  • Identity: pseudonymous ok
  • Location: remote
  • Commitment: full-time or part-time (20+ hours/week)
  • Start: asap

How would you work?

  • We respect your privacy. You can choose to work under your real name or a pseudonym.
  • You could work under a pseudonym in the following ways:
    • You would use a pseudonym.
    • You could use an avatar and voice-changer for meetings.
    • You would not show us your real identity.
  • You could decide how long you want to use a pseudonymous identity for
    • Until the hiring process is completed
    • For the first 3-6 months
    • Never-ending. We are more than happy to welcome this option.


As part of the Noxx team, your responsibilities will include:

  • Taking part in social media marketing initiatives
  • Working on paid marketing campaigns
  • Assisting with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Helping plan online conferences
  • Collaborating on the editing of YouTube content
  • Participating in community building efforts
  • Engaging in other marketing activities


  • A minimum of 1 year of professional work experience
  • Some experience in crypto field
  • Able to work within a time difference of less than 4 hours from PST
  • A hardworking attitude and passion for Noxx's mission

Nice to have

  • Native-level English proficiency
  • Prior experience in a marketing role

How to apply

  • No need to upload a resume. Instead, please answer a few questions.
  • Please don’t send us your CV, LinkedIn, GitHub with your real name. You could instead add your past experience working with brands, in the summary section, without giving specific, sensitive details such as the brands' names, which years you've worked there and so on. Don't doxx yourself for work.


Noxx team

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