Novoic is hiring a

Jr. Talent Manager

London, United Kingdom
Jr. Talent Manager

Paid. Full time or part time. London, UK

The mission we’re on:
Detect Alzheimer’s disease 20 years early through speech-based algorithms
Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias will affect 1 in 3 people, causing progressive loss of memory – loss of what makes us who we are. No disease modifying treatment currently exists. We now know that the disease progresses silently for decades before symptoms become obvious and a diagnosis is made, which is a major reason why treatments don’t work. But very subtle changes do exist in the silent stages – in episodic memory, executive function, and language – and, with sophisticated enough technology, these changes can be detected in the way someone speaks.

About Novoic
Novoic is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing algorithms to detect neurological diseases such Alzheimer’s disease in their preclinical stages, by analysing audio-linguistic patterns of speech. Building on decades of research, the company is currently testing these algorithms in the clinic, to validate them as software-as-a-medical-device, and bring the first clinically viable speech-based algorithms to market. The company is venture capital funded, working with the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and Gates Ventures to develop a global standard for speech biomarkers, and is the only speech company to have been backed by the UK NHS’ AI organisation to test out its algorithms in 5 common neurological indications.
Founded by Oxford and Cambridge researchers, our team is a reflection of the pioneering nature of our work. Physicians, clinicians, and neuroscientists work side-by-side with machine learning researchers and software engineers, all united by a mission to help patients and their families through early, non-invasive diagnosis.

Why we need you now
Developing and validating the first and best speech- and language-based biomarkers for the detection of preclinical Alzheimer’s is a hard mission to accomplish. We’re working from first principles to make something that will actually work, with a culture of “follow-the-science”, not convention. This means leading the first serious clinical research and development in making viable speech biomarkers.
The most important part to doing this is building out a world class team in the intersection of neuroscience, machine learning and medicine. Finding and hiring the most exceptional people globally is an incredibly hard task – even hiring one. And as we’re currently scaling up, we need to hire many. We need you to help find these, manage relationships with them throughout the interview process, and work with our talent team to make sure we get the best people to join our team.

What will you actually do
// Work directly with our talent team to find and manage relationships with the most exceptional talent; this will be across clinical, scientific, machine learning and engineering roles.
// Be the main person responsible for the top-of-funnel (“TOFU”) of our talent pipelines by finding great people.
// Writing high-quality emails and otherwise contacting these individuals to schedule interviews.
// Managing a large number of threads (email, LinkedIn, more) and making sure no one slips through the cracks.
// Help make sure our talent process is as seamless to the people we’re interacting with as possible: fast turnaround/replies, being proactive.
// Other ad-hoc work with our talent team to optimise our talent process.

Who are you
// The role is open to driven undergraduates and graduates with a wide range of backgrounds. The most important thing is your attitude, your motivation to work with our team to help us make a big difference in a short amount of time, and your ability to learn a lot during the process.
// You pride yourself on how well-organised you are. Nothing slips through the cracks!
// Diligent, detail-oriented, someone who can keep track of lots of threads at the same time.
// Great at writing emails. Both cold and warm. Having worked in startups before is a plus.
// Bias to action. Pragmatic. Focussing on the 10% of the possible work that will deliver 90% of the outcome.
// Understanding people is something that excites you in your work.

Job perks
// Competitive salary and option arrangement.
// 28 days weeks of paid holiday (for a full time position).Flexible working arrangements, including remote work policy.A deep sense of meaning, having a significant role in changing the way brain diseases are diagnosed, improving the lives of millions.
// Personal development plan and half a day per week to work on your own projects.
// Insight, exposure, hands-on experience into how an early-stage venture funded deep-tech/biotech startup works. We are a small team and fully transparent. You’ll work directly next to and with the founders.
// Working with exceptional people, and becoming an expert on what excellence looks like, and how to find it in people.
Our office is in London (Angel/Old Street area), United Kingdom. While during lockdown we don’t expect you to be with us in person, and we will have flexible work from home policy even after restrictions are lifted, ideally we would like you to be able to join us in person then.
We are looking for someone to join us full-time, but part-time arrangements are also possible. The starting date is ASAP.


Novoic is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive equal consideration for employment without regard to race, colour, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status.