Cellply is hiring a

Junior Automation Engineer

We are seeking qualified applicants for the position of Junior Automation Engineer. The key activity will address the design, prototyping and testing of mixed hardware-software systems within an IVD medical device under development at Cellply, including automated positioning, liquid handling, environment control and sensing systems. Under the supervision of senior engineers, the candidate will develop control electronics and software and perform in-field tests in collaboration with scientists and biologists.

The work will be carried out in Bologna.


  • Design, develop and test custom electronic systems for automation of biomedical instruments
  • Design and test software modules for hardware control and automation
  • Design, prototype and develop of hardware parts and control systems
  • Collaborate with mechanical and microsystem engineers to the development of new hardware components and lab-on-a-chip interfaces
  • Collaborate with biologists to perform in-field validation
  • Work effectively in multifaceted team including multi-discipline engineering, computational sciences and biology
  • Programming experience in C, assembly, micro-controller programming
  • Knowledge of Labview for lab/test automation
  • Knowledge of industrial communication protocols
  • Ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams