BuzzFeed is hiring a

Junior Creative

BuzzFeed UK is seeking a confident, brilliant person to join its Creative team in London to develop content for its commercial partners. BuzzFeed doesn’t run banner ads: we create thrilling work that brings together an advertiser and our audience.

The ideal candidate is a creative mind and a quick learner, who can easily absorb and communicate our core creative philosophy, adapt their tone to a range of different audiences, think on their feet and turn out excellent content.

Maybe you’re a blogger who's been freelancing. Maybe you’re a Twitter star who wants to expand beyond 140 character quips. Maybe you’re a copywriter who's good with words and concepts, and has experience of the UK advertising industry.

Or maybe you’re just funny, creative and want a change of direction. Either way, let’s talk. Candidates should be ready to bring enthusiasm and energy to brainstorms, innovation and originality to BuzzFeed posts, and a calm, collaborative approach to client feedback.

We’re looking for someone patient, creative, energetic, and hilarious, who is excited to be a part of a growing team. Having a personal project that got some press or made people talk is a plus.



  • Develop and execute branded content, which includes ideation, writing and creating high-quality GIFs.
  • Collaborate with sales and creative teams to develop ideas that meet objectives and strategies for prospective advertisers.
  • Work closely with the account management team to make sure creative is feasible and in-line with departmental goals.
  • Participate in creative brainstorm sessions.
  • Develop new and awesome ideas for advertising on BuzzFeed.


Ideally candidates will have 1-2 years creative agency and/ or online editorial experience. 

  • The ability to write funny, original content that adapts to suit audience and subject.
  • A specialism in humour and informative content is preferable.
  • A demonstrated track record of doing awesome things in the web-o- sphere, either for fun or for brands.
  • Passion for advertising, with the ability to write, edit, and champion ideas — please send an example of your writing!
  • The ability to work as part of a team, under tight deadlines to strict creative parameters.
  • The ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.
  • Level-headed and able to take on constructive feedback
  • Art & design backgrounds are favorable but not a prerequisite.