Big Health is hiring a

Junior Full-stack Developer

San Francisco, United States

For the last 100 years, drugs have had a monopoly on scalable, evidence-based, and consistent healthcare. There’s been no other type of healthcare that exhibits these powerful qualities...until now.

At Big Health we’re creating the first generation of “digital medicine”. By automating evidence-based talking therapies we’re delivering behavioral medicine in a way that is as scalable and consistent as drugs. Our purpose is to help millions back to good mental health—without pills or potions. 

Why behavioral medicine? Decades of scientific research shows that it’s highly effective at addressing a whole array of chronic conditions, from insomnia through to depression and anxiety. However, of the billions of people who suffer from these problems, the vast majority get access to nothing but drugs.

Our sleep improvement program, Sleepio, is scalable, standardized and has been the subject of 16 peer-reviewed scientific papers, including three randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Most importantly, our users love it - 87% of people who have completed the program would recommend it to others.

Our company is growing fast, and with that growth comes a number of technical challenges. We’re looking for an System Administrator to help ensure that our program is as reliable, secure and available as possible, to ensure we help as many people as possible.

Our primary software stack involves Python (Flask), JavaScript (react.js), nginx, MySQL, powered by CircleCI and Ansible and running hardware on AWS. Alongside this we have other projects using PHP, PostgreSQL, gulp, coffeescript, node and others. We’re not obsessed with trying the latest tech, but we do care about using the best tools for the job and we’re more than happy to try out new things to work out what those are.

Some testimonials from our users:

• “Your program is amazing. It changed my life.”
• “After 60 years of health problems and sleep issues this program helped me focus on things to improve my sleep habits.”
• “This course changed my life... I'm happier than I have been in a couple years.”

From our corporate clients:

• “The Big Health team worked really hard with us to find a solution to make the launch of Sleepio happen. The implementation process so far has be super easy and the team's enthusiasm has made the process rather fun...which I can say is not the usual experience.”
• “One of the best teams I have ever worked with. Their project management kept this pilot on track and engaged more employees than we have been able to engage on a single initiative in the past.”