Algolia is hiring a

Junior Software Engineer - Monitoring

Paris, France
- This position is open to partial and full remote from France and the UK -

The monitoring squad helps customers and Algolia engineers finding and fixing issues of our production systems.

We are processing in real time thousands of events each second to assess the health of our systems. For this, we develop both internal and external tools. 
You’ll be responsible of developing and maintaining those tools. You will also work with a wide range of people in the company: Software engineers, SREs, Solution engineers, etc.

Two problems are never the same since all systems evolve continuously. We expect you to be a resilient problem solver who isn’t afraid to think outside of the box and use the knowledge of system interactions in your favour. You’ll also take ownership of projects from scratch.

The team is composed of engineers with different backgrounds and experience both in the industry and academia. Diversity matters to us and you should increase it by bringing your experience, your knowledge and your point of view. Thinking differently is a plus, not a minus. We’re transparent with each other and to other teams both about our success and our failures. This way we learn, we accept our weaknesses and continuously strive to improve both personally and professionally.


  • Develop and maintain internal & customer facing tools and services using Go and Java(among others).
  • Back-end and front-end development 
  • Participate in design of new systems
  • Infrastructure management in a Devops environment
  • Work with other teams to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve high impact issues


  • You can design, code and deploy a backend application (build and consume APIs using Go, Kubernetes, make effective use of databases, caches and queues)
  • You can show rigour in high code quality, automated testing, and other engineering best practices.
  • You have experience working with algorithms, data structures, complexity analysis, software and system design.
  • You are comfortable developing complex systems, autonomously and with partial information
  • You have experience in software engineering in a professional context, closely related to the previous points.
  • You are proficient in spoken and written English


  • Knowledge of cloud platforms such as AWS / GCP / Azure
  • Ability to use a configuration management tool like Terraform (or Ansible, Puppet, Chef)
  • Knowledge of time series database
  • Streaming systems (Apache Beam)
  • Java development of backend systems
  • You are comfortable working with heterogeneous systems (software stack and platform) 


  • GRIT - Problem-solving and perseverance capability in an ever-changing and growing environment
  • TRUST - Willingness to trust our co-workers and to take ownership 
  • CANDOR - Ability to receive and give constructive feedback.
  • CARE - Genuine care about other team members, our clients and the decisions we make in the company.
  • HUMILITY- Aptitude for learning from others, putting ego aside.


  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Life and Disability Insurance 
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Relocation support
  • Company Canteen (high standard)
  • Flexible work hours and flexible time off


  • Competitive pay and equity
  • Your choice of computer, phone, keyboard, you name it. Everything you need to be efficient 
  • Coaching and sponsorship to participate and speak at leading industry conferences
  • Ongoing professional education opportunities through internal & external workshops, including public speaking, language learning (English/French)
  • Fun: we spend time together — team building, socializing and making tools that encourage getting to know teammates across offices and continents. 
  • Charitable contribution matching 
  • Unique referral rewards program: refer a candidate, and we’ll donate to your charity of choice
  • Fully stocked kitchens
  • Team workouts
  • Meals & happy hours