Kantox is hiring a

Kantox Academy

Barcelona, Spain

The Challenge

Kantox Academy is a programme meant for students and just graduates who want to boost and expose their exceptional talents. If you aspire to fast career advancement and constant stimulation, this may be a win-win for the both of us.

We are looking for eager, fearless and determined individuals to learn all there is to know about the FX world and join our 6 month full-time internship program. Our teams are growing very fast and the support given by grads and undergrads is key for the day to day operations and for Kantox’s growth.

Our Roles

This programme aimed exclusively for graduates is offered to work in several of our departments, which are: Sales (Business Development), Finance/Operations, Tech, Human Resources, Marketing and Business Intelligence. Depending on the department you apply for, your main responsibilities will include the following:

Business Development

In this Sales role you will, amongst other things:

  • Understand everything about the dynamics of the FX market
  • Learn how to develop New Business with strategic partners
  • Learn how to analyse different business models along with top CFO's
  • Learn how to use enterprise tools such as Salesforce or the Kantox platform.
  • Learn how to research relevant business information, useful for making smart business decisions.
  • Finance Operations

    Based in our growing finance and operations department, you will:

  • Immerse yourself and understand the complexity of the Fx operations
  • Assist clients in their day to day operations by helping them to detect special opportunities to achieve their results.
  • Learn complex FX calculations and understand our clients daily business needs.
  • Tech

    On our tech programme you will have the opportunity to:

  • Create algorithms that will take our platform to the next level.
  • Code, along with top notched experts in the field
  • Learn and dominate two important aspects of our platform (coding and mathematics).
  • Human Resources

    In this HR graduate/undergrad role, you will:

  • Search and put in place initiatives to retain the best talent.
  • Contribute to an amazing employee experience
  • Learn everything about Spanish and UK industrial relations

  • Business Intelligence

    On our BI role you will:

  • Analyze KPI’s to understand the impact and outcome of our business initiatives.
  • Support the Board of Directors by providing supporting data.
  • Create high level reports to contribute to a smart business strategy.
  • Marketing role

    In our Marketing and Communications programme, you will:

  • Learn everything about Public Relations, Media and Corporate Communications in General.
  • Learn everything about SEO, SEM, lead nurturing and finance content generation
  • Support an aggressive marketing plan to hunt for the best clients.
  • A relevant Degree in Finance, Economics or Business Administration (any focus on FX will be a plus).
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Great Interest in Finance, Forex and Economy.
  • French, English, German, Italian or Spanish native
  • A Degree in Computer Engineering, Mathematics or Quantics Finance.
  • Experience in coding will be a plus.
  • Fluent in English.
  • A Degree in Marketing, PR, Social Media or Communications.
  • Any experience in client acquisition (both online or offline) will be a plus.
  • Fluent in English.
  • A Degree in Psychologies or Industrial Relations.
  • Any experience in Recruitment will be a plus.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.