Ginkgo Bioworks is hiring a

Lab Assistant

Boston, United States
We are passionate about engineering organisms at Ginkgo Bioworks. We're guessing you are too.

We are looking for someone to contribute to the service of the labs where we engineer organisms to perform useful new functions. We want to transform genetic engineering into an integrated, industrialized technology pipeline, and our labs are the center of our work. To realize our vision, we recently launched Bioworks2: our second-generation foundry for engineering organisms. Bioworks2 includes custom CAD/CAM software, robotic automation, the latest genetic and genome engineering tools, high resolution LC-MS, automated fermentation and much more.

If you are thoughtful, meticulous, well-organized, energetic, collaborative and want to learn about and provide support for a critical set of processes within Bioworks1 and Bioworks2 geared toward the high-throughput genetic engineering of microbes, and potentially contribute to the design and execution of the state-of the-art next generation Biowork3 facilities, please apply.