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Language Interpreter for English and Mandarin


Interpreter (English & Mandarin)

Full-time night job following US Pacific Time Zone (US Client), 5 days work a week

Work From Home (WFH)

As an interpreter, your primary role is to facilitate communication between parties who speak different languages. In the example you mentioned about a live call from 911, your main responsibility would be to accurately interpret the conversation between the caller(Tamil) and the emergency operator(English). Your role is to convey the message in the preferred language of the caller and ensure that both parties understand each other.

- Basic Salary RM4,800-RM5,200 per month + OT pay

- 14 days paid sick leave, 12 days annual leave, and some Malaysia & US Public holidays

Latest Training Session Details:

  • Training Duration: The training will last for 3 weeks, with each day consisting of 8 hours, including a 1-hour break, from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM (Malaysia time).
  • Training Allowance: Participants will receive a training allowance of RM 2650 + RM 400 (security deposit of gadgets).
  • Live Sessions: There will be a total of 9 live sessions, with each session divided into 2 parts, totaling 18 hours for live sessions.
  • Total Training Hours: The entire training program will span 105 hours. After accounting for the 18 hours dedicated to live sessions, the remaining hours will be allocated for online assessments, tutorial sessions, and module study.
  • Days 13/14/15: These days will be designated for live phone calls and are referred to as the nesting period.
  • Training Allowance Payment: The training allowance will only be disbursed to participants who successfully complete the full 3 weeks of training.


  • Proficient in both English and either Mandarin
  • Shifts start at any time between 8 pm to 12 am (MYT) and rotate every 3 months
  • Requires 8 hours of work with a 1-hour break in between
  • Entry Level position, no specific qualifications needed, only excellent language speaking skills
  • Proficiency in both spoken and written English and Mandarin

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