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Lead Developer

Founders Factory is an innovative new model in launching early stage technology businesses. We’re part incubator and part accelerator. We have a team of 30+ digital experts who together have all the expertise for launching early stage technology businesses. We partner with leading corporates to help accelerate product development and product market fit for our portfolio companies. We build innovative products, drive early traction, and then align top teams around these products to build hugely disruptive businesses.

Spun out of the Factory, Robin is a mobile first, Sales Enablement Platform. Robin combines machine learning and an elegant user interface to push the right information to sales people, at just the right time.

Sales effectiveness is consistently rated as a top concern for CEOs. Key to sales effectiveness is arming salespeople with the right information to do their jobs. That is a significant challenge for large organisations. Information quickly becomes fragmented across multiple systems and departments. Indeed salespeople spend over a third of their time simply looking for material. Often the best answers to a customer’s question are not codified in documents at all. Those answers may come from other customers or other sales people. This “social knowledge” is critical to sales but historically difficult to capture and codify.

Robin seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, aggregating content and information across multiple channels including email, instant messaging, CRM, web and document management systems. Robin transforms that content into bite sized packages of information that can be easily consumed by end teams, and delivers that information at the right time. Team managers get visibility into what information is being consumed, and teams can quickly find the information they need, and rate the usefulness of that information.

Ensuring that every salesperson has the right and best information significantly improves sales outcomes and top line revenue. Robin platform is well positioned to take a leadership position in this rapidly evolving space.