InMotion is hiring a

Lean Start-up Consultant/Coach

London, United Kingdom

What we’re looking for

We are hiring a Lean Start-up and Innovation Coach to design, deliver and implement innovation programming, teaching and advising on lean start-up techniques to sprint teams in the lab and ventures in the incubator

You are a leading practitioner of lean-startup and agile development methodologies. You will keep us all on the path towards good data and customer validated learnings across our activities from idea creation and testing MVPs in the Lab to supporting our ventures as they mature and builds their businesses.

As a team coach and lean expert you will lead the continued adoption and execution of agile frameworks across InMotion, facilitating the continuous improvement of the lean processes, principles, and practices. You will work with cross-functional teams to ensure they’re building the right product for the right people and acquiring customers cost-effectively.

You will guide teams and ventures through a structured process of customer discovery and validation, helping them use the right approach to experiments and prototyping, making sure their sprints are executed in the right way, and ensure the right hypotheses are tested and good data generated. You will act as both consultant and teacher, critiquing plans, as well as coaching on performance as individuals and as teams.

You’ll work closely with the technical and growth teams, to support the development of prototypes and use customer validated learning to shape and develop the product concept. You’ll also develop and implement the InMotion venture creation playbook, ensuring our methods and processes are up-to-date and steering us in the right direction. You’ll oversee the direction and implementation of your blueprint to ensure that products maximise their chances of success.

What the role will have to deliver

Coach all teams and ventures on lean innovation practices and methods
- Provide training and upskilling on lean start-up methods to co-founder cohorts
- Work hands-on on all projects and ventures to ensure consistency
- Facilitate the adoption, implementation and sustainability of agile processes, principles, and practices
- Provide high-touch and hands-on team guidance, support, and coaching
- Facilitate increasing maturity at a sustainable pace

Support the idea generation process to develop service ideas
- Support and advise Product Leaders to create new business models
- Employ design thinking to understand the customer and their problems
- Work with Product Leaders to develop and mature service concepts
- Review key user problems and assist in generating solutions

Support Lab and ventures on experiment design, prototyping and testing MVPs
- Mentor on customer discovery interviews and conversations
- Engage sprint teams to deliver customer validated learnings
- Provide business model design expertise inc. value proposition and BMC
- Assist team members in identifying, prioritizing and escalating

Support ventures to continuously reflect and improve to increase development and practices
- Determine KPIs for Alpha and Beta versions of new products
- Ensure vision, roadmap and personas are well-defined and understood
- Share best practices by contributing to reviews and retrospectives
- Develop the learning capture and feedback approach

Develop and codify the InMotion venture creation playbook
- Document best practice from ideation to incubation/build
- Create tools, materials, processes, to make InMotion world-class
- Facilitate continuous improvement of the lean-startup processes, principles, and practices
- Serve as an advisor; lead by example and challenge status quo
- Cultivate Communities of Practice