High Tech High is hiring a

Lower Grade (K-2) Multiple Subject Classroom Teacher

San Diego, United States

Position:    Lower Grade (K-2) Multiple Subject Classroom Teacher

Elementary teachers, grades K-2, provide multidisciplinary instruction in reading, writing, math, history/culture, science and social-emotional skills.  Elementary teachers foster student growth through personalization, project-based exploration, hands-on application, problem solving and critical thinking.   The HTH elementary classroom cultivates a compassionate learning environment where students are equal and engaged in authentic learning experiences.  HTH embraces the fully Inclusive classroom and teachers work with Inclusion Specialists to support students on Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).  

High Tech Elementary Teachers demonstrate:
• a strong understanding of early childhood development
• willingness to plan and teach via a project-based approach
• expertise in teaching literacy and mathematics
• effective classroom management (Responsive Classroom, Positive Discipline, Love and Logic)
• a strong ability to adapt instruction and lessons based on individual student needs
• open and regular communication with parents
• excellent writing, speaking and communication skills

Qualifications (Required):
• Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree
• Basic Skills (CBEST; SAT of 550+ Math/500+ English; or ACT 23+ score report)
• California or Out-of-State/Country Credential -- Applicants, without credentials, who demonstrate outstanding achievement and knowledge in their field are strongly encouraged to apply.  If hired, applicants who do not possess applicable teaching credentials, will enroll in the HTH District Intern Program which is a 2 year teacher preparation program authorized by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) in order to work toward satisfaction of applicable credentialing requirements.   
• DOJ Fingerprint Clearance
• TB Clearance

Qualifications (Preferred):
• Advanced degree in your field, preferred
• 1+ year working with students as a teacher, teacher intern, or academic coach, preferred
• English Learner Authorization, or CLAD, preferred

The HTH Teacher:
• Encourages a culture of mutual respect and equitable practice
• Exhibits knowledge of student cognitive development and various learning styles
• Implements the four HTH Design Principles (equity, personalization, authentic work and collaboratve design)
• Communicates effectively with students and families about classroom activities and student progress
• Demonstrates content knowledge, including the California Common Core Standards
• Sets high academic achievement expectations
• Identifies and supports students’ social, emotional, and behavior learning needs
• Implements Project-Based Learning techniques and strategies
• Facilitates and designs effective group work
• Provides timely feedback and collaborates with faculty to offer specialized support  
• Fosters student growth through semi-annual Student-Led Conferences (SLC) and Presentations of Learning (POL)
• Showcases student work within the community
• Scaffolds instructional activities that facilitate engaging and appropriate learning opportunities
• Differentiates instruction based on feedback, needs, and learning levels
• Provides opportunities for student engagement through “Voice and Choice”
• Creates relevant and authentic learning experiences
• Implements backward design to align all lessons, activities, and assessments
• Designs formal and informal assessments that measure student progress