Green Thumb Industries is hiring a

Manager, DevOps Engineering

Chicago, United States

The Role 

GTI is looking for a people-first Manager, DevOps Engineering to support the development and operation of cutting-edge web and mobile eCommerce applications across our many lines of business: retail delivery/click-and-collect (B2C), wholesale B2B, and CPG brands both via retailer (B2B2C) and D2C where allowed. The role is a foundational piece of a highly visible, business facing team focused on aligning strategic objectives with tactical demands in the cannabis industry, one of the fastest growing and most innovative industries in the US. The customer experiences you enable will generate over half a billion dollars in your first year. 


  • Manage and mentor a diverse team of DevOps, QA and Support Engineers in the US and India 
  • Champion our SDLC and CI/CD pipeline to improve the developer experience and productivity  
  • Enable the development of modern cloud-native software, producing decoupled and highly-performant services to power revenue-generating web, mobile and in-store applications 
  • Codify, maintain and improve testing processes to ensure high quality and maintainable code 
  • Optimize architecture for security, scalability, reliability, and resiliency 
  • Leverage serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda to drive innovation and minimize timelines  
  • Collaborate across business and technical partners to define requirements, dependencies and challenges, mitigating risks and removing blockers 


  • 5+ years of progressive software engineering, including 2 years as a team lead and/or people manager 
  • Ability to motivate, mentor, empower, organize and communicate across distributed teams 
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer or equivalent professional experience 
  • Track record deploying and supporting complex technical solutions across multiple applications, balancing build and run considerations 
  • Deep technical competency and thought leadership; flexibility to leverage existing proficiencies or adopt new frameworks 
  • Principles of site reliability engineering; monitoring, alerting and on-call program execution 
  • Unit, functional and integration testing via frameworks such as Jest or Selenium 
  • Relational and non-relational databases; functions and containers; REST and GraphQL APIs 
  • Delivery, security/compliance and automation via edge cloud platforms (Cloudflare, Netlify) 


  • Frontend: React, Next.js, Composable / Atomic Design 
  • Backend: Node.js, TypeScript, Serverless 
  • Architecture: Microservices based, API first, Cloud-native SaaS, Headless 

Additional Requirements 

  • Must pass any and all required background checks  
  • Must be and remain compliant with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry  
  • Must possess valid driver’s license 
  • Must be a minimum of 21 years of age 




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