Expa is hiring a


San Francisco, United States

 We Are

  • Small. We’re a well funded early stage (~5 employees) startup tackling a giant ($50B+) market. We’re supported by the smooth machinery of Expa, which heavily complements our operational needs.
  • Ambitious. The process we are tackling is broken. It’s confusing, frustrating, opaque, complicated – and hugely important in most people’s lives. We’re injecting it with transparency, technology and long-awaited satisfaction.  In addition, we are establishing a business model which will capture a lot of that value.
  • Thoughtful. Our core values are transparency and rationality: we’re moving fast, but we’re investing our time wisely; we’re making big bets, but taking deliberate steps.
  • Grounded. We’re building a business, which means making sure we deliver value for our customers fast. Monetization is not an afterthought, and we don’t depend on network effects for our product to work.

 Job Summary

We are currently in private beta for a new software platform.  The team has a strong appreciation for the value of marketing expertise and we’re looking an in-house expert to work alongside sales, support, user research, product, design and engineering.  This role is for an experienced marketer who has previously managed marketing campaigns and is excited to create and build a marketing program from the ground up.   

The role will evolve as we gain product-market fit, but will involve testing messaging and the strength of various channels.  It will then build on those tests to create a marketing program that generates customer leads.  Much of the job will include managing digital channels, but as we’re a start-up and you’ll be the first full-time marketer on the team the role will also include managing non-digital channels like direct mail and events.  


These are early days in our company, so there are many opportunities to grow personally and shape the direction of the company.  In addition, the company’s culture is very important to us and early employees have an opportunity to impact how we grow into a strong, inclusive, and supportive environment to work.


  • Help develop a multi-channel strategic marketing plan
  • Execute the marketing plan: managing all digital channels including social and paid campaigns
  • Create the briefs for the marketing collateral and work closely with design resources to oversee the production
  • Some copywriting
  • Analysis of campaigns using the latest analytics tools

You Are...

  • Excited about building a company
  • Excited about building a marketing program
  • Excited about building a diverse and inclusive workforce
  • Able to communicate product benefits in a compelling way to various types of audiences
  • Highly skilled in managing digital campaigns including social and paid
  • Experienced across multiple marketing tactics
  • Able to assess the success of a campaign based on data
  • Eager to work quickly, test often and try more
  • Experienced working independently, but not afraid to ask for support


  • Excellent communication skills, particularly written
  • At least two years of experience managing digital campaigns
  • Five years of general marketing experience
  • Experience working closely with designers


None of the following are required for this position:

  • Identification with a particular gender, race, or national origin
  • Having worked with anyone on the team before
  • A particular age
  • Sharing the same hobbies or beliefs as the other members of the team
  • Previous work at a tech company
  • A particular Myers-Briggs type