KNIME is hiring a

Marketing Graphic Designer (Berlin, Konstanz)

Berlin, Germany

We are looking for the right people to join our well-funded, growing open-source startup and to help us bring end-to-end data science solutions to practitioners and enterprises. Right now, we are looking for a Marketing Graphic Designer to join our team in Konstanz or Berlin*

Who are you?

  • You have an eye for design, able to spot just when something is off with spacing, alignment, colors etc.
  • Illustration is your strength, particularly when it comes to representing abstract concepts
  • You have an impressive attention to detail, balancing high-quality work with timeliness
  • You’re an enthusiastic, self-starter, most likely at the start of your design career, and looking for that opportunity to gain some real-world experience.
  • You can easily juggle multiple tasks, and know the priority of each so that they get completed on time - and you can communicate early on if there’s a blocker. And of course you can switch hats depending on the task at hand!
  • You’re open to taking on new tasks and challenges as they arise (which often happens in our small, growing team).
  • You have a genuine interest in the software, tech, and start-up space in which we operate (but previous experience with KNIME is not necessary).
  • You’re fluent in English. This is the language we communicate to our users in, as well as internally with each other.

What’s the job?

This is an early career Graphic Designer position, in which you would be responsible for the ideation, execution and, in some cases implementation of most design assets for the marketing team. Day-to-day, you can expect to work on:

  • Designing key illustrations for events and product launches
  • Designing digital assets including, but not limited to banners, infographics, social media assets, email headers and footers, templates, book layouts, etc.
  • Keeping all Powerpoint, Excel, Word etc templates up-to-date, and organized in a centralized location
  • In some cases, working together with third-party vendors, including other designers and developers
  • Work closely with the Technical Website Project Manager, as well as the Senior Designer to keep a consistent visual brand for all KNIME marketing
  • Work closely with the Senior Designer to ensure all correct brand assets and guidelines are kept up to date and made available to all KNIMErs and approved third parties

Who are we?

We are a rapidly growing, young company developing software for performing advanced data science. We are a highly interactive team and very enthusiastic about developing solutions for our users. Our open source KNIME Analytics Platform, developed together with the community, is transforming the data science landscape. It is popular among its very active user community as well as among IT analysts. Our commercial KNIME Server enables enterprises to responsibly integrate advanced analytics into their operations. In this way, KNIME helps organizations nurture new user populations that want to exploit the benefits of data science and advanced analytics while remaining strongly committed to open source.

*Though we are happy to have applicants from further away, we’re not offering relocation benefits for this position.