Big Health is hiring a

Medical Director

San Francisco, United States

At Big Health we’re creating the first generation of “digital medicine” in order to help 1m people back to good mental health by 2020. Our personalized behavioral programs are automated so they’re highly scalable, yet backed by gold-standard scientific evidence.

Our first product, Sleepio, is a digital sleep improvement program that features proven cognitive and behavioral techniques but is designed to feel more like entertainment than medicine. Delivered by your virtual animated sleep expert The Prof and his narcoleptic dog Pavlov, Sleepio has been the subject of 14 peer-reviewed scientific papers to date including three randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

We’re now looking for a Medical Director to provide clinical leadership, oversight, and direction to the development and delivery of Big Health services. You will be based at our HQ in San Francisco and will report directly to Prof Colin Espie (co-founder and CMO). As Medical Director, you will be central to fulfilling our mission of delivering accessible mental health services to millions of people.

These will be agreed on an annual basis, with quarterly objectives, and progress reviews in line with Big Health quarterly Summit meetings.

Key tasks will be discharged in keeping with relationships summarized below.

•  You will take day-to-day operational responsibility on clinical and health matters:
•  acting as the internal (company) point of contact
•  acting as the external point of contact

•  You will lead the clinical input and provide oversight to the Product team and to the Engineering team:
•  making particular use of personal domain expertise, complementary to the inputs of other clinicians,
advisors, and experts
•  ensuring good clinical governance in all our operations

•  You will lead the clinical input and provide oversight to the Commercial and Marketing teams:
•  in presenting products to employer and health plan customers
•  in particular, forging links with medical directors and lead clinicians in other entities
•  representing the company at a high level externally
•  supporting customer service

•  You will collaborate with the Research team in ensuring:
•  a high quality research pipeline
•  research outputs that are publishable
•  impactful in terms of services and customers
• undertaking personal research as relevant to the company portfolio

•  You will advise and support the CMO and CEO otherwise as required

All persons based in USA, unless otherwise stated

•    Chief Medical Officer (CMO): the Medical Director will report directly to the CMO (co-founder, based in the UK), but will have agreed delegated responsibilities and will have full day to day operational responsibility
•    Chief Executive Officer (CEO): the Medical Director will be co-located with the CEO (co-founder) and will work under the guidance of the CEO
•    Chief Product Officer (CPO): the Medical Director will advise and assist the CPO with content creation and revision
•    Chief Technical Officer (CTO): the Medical Director will advise and assist the CTO with development of treatment algorithms and with data science
•    Chief Commercial Officer (CCO): the Medical Director will advise and assist the CCO with clinical and other customer sales and with service integration
•    Marketing Lead: the Medical Director will advise and assist the Marketing Lead, in conjunction with the CCO, in marketing and PR activities
•    Customer Service Lead: the Medical Director will support and advise customer service as required
•    Research Lead: the Medical Director will collaborate with the Research Lead, the will directly manage the Research & Development Lead
•    Clinical Services Lead: the Clinical Services Lead (based in the UK) will support the Medical Director in ensuring clinical governance and management of work conducted by clinical experts
•    Clinical Advisors: the Medical Director will work closely with advisors appointed by the CMO to provide specific subject and/ or content knowledge to assist with the development of programs, and will help identify advisors as required
•    Clinical Experts: the Clinical Services Lead(s) will manage the Clinical Experts under the direction of the Medical Director, who will agree the appointment of additional experts as required

Big Health programs are:
•     clinically-informed and safe
•     evidence-based and effective
•     contemporary and of good standing

Senior colleagues are:
•     well-advised
•     supported in their roles
•     working collaboratively

Co-founders are:
•     confident in delegating responsibility
•     confident in day to day operations
•     confident in timelines being achieved

•     You are a highly qualified clinician (professional qualifications plus PhD)
•     You have a national or international reputation for your work in adult mental health (depression, anxiety, stress, or sleep) that is verifiable  (e.g. publications, editorial, committee work, advisory roles, services)
•     You have a proven commitment to the dissemination of evidence-based psychological therapies (e.g. publications, editorial, committee work, advisory roles, services)
•     You have leadership experience in the development and delivery of mental health services (e.g. positions held)
•     You have experience in the development and management of other people (e.g. positions held)
•     You are looking to be part of a team of mature, effective, kind, hard-working and bright people

•     You have experience in working with the commercial sector
•     You have experience working with web or App development

•     Backed by leading venture capital firms, Index Ventures, Octopus Ventures, and Kaiser Permanente Ventures
•     Working with many of the world’s leading employers, including Fortune 500 companies, the most prominent technology firms, and leading healthcare institutions, enabling Sleepio to be available to over 1 million people by the end of 2016, all paid for by their employer
•     Partnerships with Oxford University, three leading multinational health insurers, multiple US universities and hospitals
•     Sleepio is recognized by Nature, Ranked, and The King’s Fund as the best evidenced App in its category