NetEnt is hiring a

Motion Graphics Artist

Essentially, we are looking for an expert at telling exciting stories through motion graphics and video. Your starting point is naturally a deep understanding of the customer, their needs and the desired outcome. Creativity takes over in the idea phase and your excellent artistic and technical skills get the job done in time and on budget. The type of projects this role will be creating are primarily commercial i.e. TV commercials and product teasers/trailers. It could also be custom built sequences/elements/assets for other agencies to build TV commercials from.

To excel in this role, you will need to be very advanced in After Effects, advanced in Premier Pro and familiar with 3D production process/AutoCAD Maya and/or Cinema4D.

Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Idea generation and assisting on Creative Briefs
  • Creating Motion Graphics assets/elements/animations and full commercials.
  • Video Editing/Post-production

Apart from this, some basic camera operation might be required from time to time.


  • A strong command of Adobe After Effects and the ability to design, edit and animate leading edge, big-brand, commercial style motion graphics sequences and videos.
  • A cool and modern design style, sensibility and the ability to create and manipulate graphic elements in Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs.
  • A strong command of Adobe Premier and After Effects and the ability to tell emotionally compelling stories through short-form motion graphics and video.
  • Advanced knowledge of various types of VFX (filters, effects, color corrections etc.)
  • Must be an expert in mixing different media into a holistic experience (video, graphics/3D, audio)
  • A passion for staying on the forefront of motion design trends, as well as the latest production tools, techniques, plug-ins, etc.
  • The ability to understand corporate marketing objectives and strategies, and how to achieve them through motion graphics and video.
  • The ability to work under pressure, hit deadlines, and collaborate effectively with others.
  • Familiarity with modern codecs, bit rates, compression methods, aspect ratios, and delivery standards for broadcast, internet, and specialized use

The Challenge

The Challenge is our way of showing you what working at NetEnt is like. It's a web series where four of our colleagues put our culture and values to test by climbing a mountain in the Alps - with no experience. Sounds crazy? Come see for yourself! Who knows, maybe our culture is right for you?