if(we) is hiring a

Network Security Engineer

San Francisco, United States

About the Job

You are good at what you do, like it, and know UNIX (ideally Linux) well. You've mastered your current environment and everything is rock solid- it's time for your next challenge.

Here's what we have to work with: Per month: 5 billion page views, 20+ million visitors, 3 petabytes downloaded. Per second: 30,000 dynamic content requests, 20,000 static content requests, 25,000 DB requests and 1M+ memcached requests. Infrastructure: 650+ co-located servers, 850+ VMs, 15 SAN/NAS devices. Page builds often touch 100 machines and average response time is 75 milliseconds. We have a 3 petabyte Hadoop cluster running on 31 nodes with 20 cores each.

This is an amazing opportunity for someone who has experience working with SAN and NAS devices and is interested in setting them up to be reliable, stable, and cost-effective. You'll share accountability for guaranteeing uptime -and the pager, approximately one week out of every quarter. Occasional off hour calls are going to happen, but it's your job to engineer to minimize outages in the first place.


"We work in a fast-paced, big-impact, collaborative environment. We ship to production multiple times a day, so if you commit code now it'll be live to millions of users the very next day, or possibly later the same day!"

Erik Johannessen, Engineering Manager



  • You are proficient with proactively identifying, triaging, and mitigating security risks.
  • You are familiar with security best practices and certification such as PCI requirements.
  • You are comfortable balancing between security best practices and business requirements.
  • You have an understanding of security fundamentals from a networking perspective and from a systems perspective.
  • You have working experience in IDS/IPS, Data loss prevention and Antivirus solutions.
  • You have experience working with security and networking equipment from Cisco, Arista, Palo Alto Networks and/or Juniper.
  • You understand networking protocols (IP, TCP, UDP, BGP, etc.)
  • Your scripting is good; you are familiar with bash
  • You are comfortable sharing your scripts with others and know how to document stuff to make it easy for others to use.
  • You work well with a team of like minded individuals. You enjoy bouncing ideas off others and the net result is an even better idea.
  • Your innate curiosity drives you to learn above and beyond the things you need to know for your job.
  • You are a problem solver. Troubleshooting is a core part of your mental make up.
  • You have the communication skills and technical ability to get to the root of issues efficiently - and you've always been this way. You are a quick study.
  • You've been on-call and it doesn't bug you. You may have fixed things when they were broken but you prefer to set them up so they don't break.
  • You've worked in at least one unstable, fragile environment and know how to "power through" to get things stable.
  • You have professional experience working with production high availability / high load systems.

Nice to Have

  • You have experience with Puppet, logstash, Rapid7, and git
  • You are comfortable working in at least one higher level language such as perl, python, or ruby.
  • You've done some light hacking in your day, building simple websites and taking the time to understand software development so it's easier to work with those pesky software engineering types.
  • You enjoy trying out new hardware and software to improve your environment.
  • You have experience with Single Sign-On (SSO) such as Okta.

About the Site Ops Team

The Site Operations team at if(we) is in charge of designing, building, and maintaining the infrastructure that powers the world’s largest social discovery network.  We are systems, storage, and network engineers who excel at building high availability environments, and we strive to automate everything we can. We work in partnership with a large group of software engineers to build and maintain a diverse infrastructure.

Nearly all of our servers run Linux; we have a very strong preference for open source software.  Managing these servers in an automated fashion is a big job, especially considering the rapid rate and wide diversity of changes made--both by our group and by engineering at large.  We do our best to automate routine tasks and create reliable and reproducible architecture.  We always look out for each other, and spend much of our time helping each other.

About if(we)

if(we), formerly known as Tagged Inc., is a company building social products to enable meaningful connections between people. We’re a profitable startup growing our existing successful products, Tagged & hi5, and building new social products on mobile and other key platforms. We're constantly exploring new ideas and technologies to build the next massive social product and realize our mission of connecting people.

Created by the team that brought Tagged to the world in 2004, if(we) was founded in 2014. if(we) was launched to build off of Tagged’s earlier experiences and success, tap the market growth and create the next billion user social product.


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