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San Francisco, United States
Keepsafe is a six-year old, profitable, post-series A startup with over 75 million users globally on iOS and Android. Our founders are serial entrepreneurs from Germany who appreciate ambitious and independent thinking, precision, beautiful code, and above all else privacy! 

As identities become increasingly virtual, there’s a growing, urgent need for privacy. Keepsafe has a far-reaching vision for safeguarding people’s privacy today and tomorrow. Our flagship photo vault reflects our belief that protecting personal pictures, videos, and important documents on your phone should be simple and foolproof. This year, we’ll develop and launch multiple new products allowing people to save and share their data without sacrificing control.

Keepsafe’s mission is to make privacy and security simple. We believe that everyone should have the same control of privacy in their digital life as they do in their physical life. We’re working on a family of products to make it easy for people to protect their personal space. With over 75 million users on our existing products—we’re just getting started.  

Our engineering team is at the forefront of security, smart encryption, key management, data transcoding, secure and fast cloud sync, and back-end custom analytics development for the future. By working at Keepsafe, you can expect to collaborate directly with our product and design teams and work with your peers to make impactful decisions about how things get done. Learn more about some of our software on Github and our Engineering blog.

Competitive salary, early equity, full benefits, daily catered lunches, beer on tap, monthly team-building activities, and commuter friendly office in SOMA.


To apply, simply tell us what you've built in your last project by:

1st: Adding to our repository:
2nd: Coming back here and letting us know what you did; and why Keepsafe.

To learn more about some of the things we've built, you can read our engineering blog (

Or check out a few of these projects:

Below are some articles that describe the hiring process and engineering culture at Keepsafe:

How We Interview App Developers at Keepsafe along with Test Driving at Keepsafe written by our CEO, Zouhair Belkoura. : ,

Written by Philipp Berner, Keepsafe CTO and Co-Founder is a short read on the difference between Application and Core Developers at Keepsafe:

And finally If you prefer to skip ALL of our technical screens then feel free to just contribute code to our repository on Github:

How much you contribute will dictate how much of our technical assessment you can bypass. :slightly_smiling_face:

Finally, if you can read some more about what we code, by having a look at or

And check out the Keepsafe team here: